How to Handle Hotel Guest Complaints

No hotel wants to disappoint its guests on purpose but it is better to be trained in how to handle hotel guest complaints; if the need does arise. Guest concerns could be related to an unpleasant experience or even just a suggestion. But you have to ensure your guest complaint handling skills are the best to reduce hotel complaints and run the operations without any such problems. This includes ensuring the best hotel supplies from the leading hotel suppliers; such as ordering DZEE pool towels, beddings, and added amenities from DZEE Orlando.

You need to give your guests the best in order to guarantee only the best for them. But if the need does arise here are some tips on how you should go about your way with guest complaint handling.

1.     Be All Ears and Empathetic

You need to give your guests the complete attention and listen to what they have to say. There needs to empathy in the way you deal with them. They should know you actually care about what they have to say. Guests take your body language, and the way you communicate with them into account. You need to let them know that their concerns matter to you.

2.     Guest Complaint Handling Is About Remaining Calm

Yes, there would be times when things will get out of hand no matter how you try to handle them. You can be stern in your stance but you cannot let your anger or frustration get the best of you. Remain calm and let the guest vent out and then take things from there. This is essential in how to handle hotel guest complaints, because if you don’t remain calm; it would be difficult to find a mutual solution.

3.     Listen to Guest Concerns in Your Office

You do not want other guests to hear about the hotel complaints a few guests have about you. The best course of action is to either take them to a quiet corner or usher them to an office. This would help you calmly talk things out without concerning other guests.

4.     Write Down the Hotel Complaints

All guest concerns you come across are a learning for you. Note them down, it would give your guests the right impression of you taking things seriously. Along with that, it is to be added in your personal log to avoid such issues in the future. It will also help you take references and handle situations before things get out of control in the future.

5.     Guest Complaint Handling Follow Ups

Don’t just handle the situation, ask your guests if they are satisfied with the solution or not. Create a standard procedure for how you handle a problem once the complaint has been filed. Keep a window for how long it would take the problem to be resolved. Take everything into consideration. Then ask your guests for feedbacks and if they are happy with the results or not. This would give you the best insight on how to handle things.




How to handle hotel guest complaints according to you? Let us know the best course of action for guest complaint handling in the comments below.


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