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The 4 R’s of Paraphrasing: Rephrase Text in Easy Steps

Knowing how to paraphrase any text is an important factor. Students especially have to learn how to paraphrase so they can be the ones who provide help with dissertation and other assignments without relying on anyone.

If you too want to learn about the 4 R’s of Paraphrasing, then keep on reading this post.

4 R’s of Paraphrasing – Rephrase Text in Straightforward Steps


First and foremost, unless you understand the message that the content wants to communicate, you will be unable to rewrite the content or do it justice just like master dissertation help providers do. If you do not understand the text yourself you will miscommunicate the main idea thus giving false information. Therefore, make sure that you understand the content of you want to write well-paraphrased texts, here are a few steps you can follow:

Step#1 – Choose A Short Quote:

You should not paraphrase big chunks of information all in one go. Pick out the information from the text that goes hand in hand with your arguments in the most suitable way possible. Understand if it is relevant and then summarize it into a restated statement. If you have come through a longer paragraph then you can write a summary that gives an idea of what the content wants to convey.

Step#2 – Recognize The Key Ideas:

Find out the author’s key point of dispute. Then understand what the literature’s general means by considering the supporting ideas. Make thorough notes of the literature, and summarize these notes to reorganize your content.

Step#3 – Understand When To Paraphrase:

Imagine you come across an unusual fact, but it is written dully. In this situation, you can display the idea more creatively through better vocabulary. Paraphrasing is the best option when you want to cite data, stats, or facts. 


After you have understood the content completely you have to rewrite that literature. You have taken the author’s words and turned them into a new phrase with your own words which communicate the same idea(Libguides, 2022).

 Here you must remember that rewriting sentences means more than just spinning content. This goes for both blogging and writing academic assignments or papers. To master the skill of restating, do the following:

Step#1 – Use A Different Structure:

You should use just synonyms for the words in the original literature when it comes to paraphrasing because this is an act of plagiarism. Plagiarism is an act of fraud (Professionalessayservice, 2018). So you will get in trouble for committing it through your content.

Your rewritten text should provide something innovative regardless of citing the same notion. Wondering how you accomplish that? It is simple – utilize a different sentence structure to give your own spin to it.

Step#2 – Maintain The Essence:

You should not take a quote out of context and manipulate it to suit your topic. Although this will assist you in supporting your arguments, it is unethical. The restated text should reflect the author’s ideology. Because when you cite the source it will be troublesome if your text does not align with the original author’s overall purpose. Even if you are using a paraphrasing tool, make sure that the writer’s message is conveyed accurately.

Step#3 – Avoid Using Quotations:

When you paraphrase any piece of information you are basically drafting it in your own words. If you add quotation marks around any restructured sentence and state the author, it will be considered false data. In certain cases, you will still have to use quotation marks if you want to keep particular exclusive words stated by the author in your rewritten passages.


Next up, consider if you include all the crucial points appropriately through rechecking. If you are using any paraphrasing tool for writing assignments or blogging, you must make sure that you have selected all the right boxes while paraphrasing anything. To recheck here is are a few steps:

Step#1 – Tally the Fundamental Idea:

First of all, read through the original literature and your rewritten passage loudly to ensure that they both communicate the same message utilizing different words. Your goal must be to paraphrase text to the point that it is no longer plagiarized. Simultaneously, you should not be inconsiderate of the author’s ideologies.

Step#2 – Revise To Perfection:

Proofread the rephrased texts till you feel like it reflects the original texts. You can also ask someone to read both the original as well as your version of the text and speak what they think of it. If you are using paraphrasing tools to rewrite the original content. Compare both results – your rephrased content and the one which the tool offers and blend them for the best outcomes.


Once you are done with paraphrased a passage you should immediately cite the source. You can not write paraphrase without citing the source because it is unethical. So, make sure to hit the last nail through citation. Remember these steps when citing sources:

Step#1 – Use The Correct Citation Style:

There are particular citation styles. The most popular referencing styles are MLA, APA, OSCOLA, and Chicago. According to the subject you pursue and the guidelines of your professor, you have to abide by the formatting instructions but you should not confuse blogging guidelines with citing educational materials.

Step#2 – Cite The Section Immediately:

After you have written the paraphrased passage, you have to cite it right next to the sentence by putting the publication data within parentheses. For APA style, you have to write the author’s name with the year of publication and MLA, the parenthetical citation comprises of the author’s last name and page numbers original text.

Step#3 – Add Footnotes and Bibliography:

After completing the citation of rephrased texts through a subscript number, you have to add a footnote at the bottom of the page for the matching corresponding number. Once you have added the source details add the overall publication information in the Bibliography section.


Follow the steps above religiously so you can paraphrase any text with success.


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