How to Write an Exemplification Essay with 10 Simple Steps?

Do you know how to write an exemplification essay? In the case of an exemplification essay, however, the writer must concentrate solely on examples. Therefore, we have come up with several steps to write an exemplification essay. Let’s look at how to write an exemplification essay now.

What is an Exemplification Essay and how to write it?

An exemplification essay is a type of analytical or argumentative essay that employs examples to support the writer’s thesis statement. When writing analytical or argumentative essays, it is critical to include quotations, statistics, examples, and, most importantly, facts as evidence. If you have a good plan, the writing process becomes much easier. When writing an exemplification essay, several steps are there-

1. Choose a Topic for Your Exemplification Essay

Choosing the right theme for the project is only half the battle. A topic should satisfy at least one quality, such as being current, specific, useful, or unique.

These topics help satisfy the interest of readers because they provide an opportunity for them to obtain up-to-date, novel, or unusual information from the text. Topics should not be restricted to narrow or broad categories. It is because broad is to generalize interest and narrow allows inclusion of good examples.

2. Evaluate your research

There can be no material if no research is conducted on the writer’s behalf. Remember that the more information obtained, the better the examples available for use in the exemplification essay. Not only is it critical to source, but it is also critical to ensure that the source is of high quality.

This means that you should never rely on easily accessible and editable websites like Wikipedia, as they are completely untrustworthy. The same is true for personal blogs. As a result, reputable journals, scientific newspapers, and online encyclopedias written by the most compelling authors in respective industries are the best options to use.

3. Use Examples as Necessary

Exemplification essay examples should be interesting, but they should also have some sort of application. Consider Bill Gates as an example when writing an exemplification essay about leaders and their personal qualities.

As the founder of Microsoft, he worked so hard that he only took two weeks off from 1978 to 1984. This hardworking way of life is most appropriate for a leader.

4. Create Your Outline

To develop the main idea and subtopics that will represent the body paragraphs encompassing your work, organize your examples designed to strengthen the thesis statement in a local order with appropriate transitions for your exemplification essay outline.

Although there is no holy grail for creating an outline for your exemplification essay, the 5 paragraph structure is recommended. So, there is one paragraph for the introduction, one paragraph for the conclusion, and three paragraphs for the body.

5. Write the main body of your expository essay 

Even though it comes after the introduction, the body of an exemplification essay should be written first. Every paragraph in the main body should contain an example, a topic sentence, and an appropriate transition. This creates a solid essay outline.

6. Make an introduction

The introduction to a writer’s exemplification essay should serve three functions: interest, attraction, and preparation. So, the first sentence must immediately grab the reader’s attention. Attract readers’ attention with a rhetorical question, a bold statement, or incredible statistics. The following step is to provide background information on the subject. As a result, when reading the following examples, readers will feel confident.

7. Make a Thesis Statement

Finally, create a strong thesis statement. This is intended to reflect the overall structure of the exemplification essay and should directly relate to each of the examples included. It must include a factual statement, observation, personal opinion, or a question that the essay will attempt to answer.

When developing the thesis, the writer must decide what type of paper they want to write. Longer papers, such as IB extended essays, necessitate more detailed thesis statements that cover a broader range of facts or arguments. Shorter essays can include one or more sentences.

8. Create a Conclusion

Good conclusions typically cover only 10% of the essay. The thesis statement serves to remind readers of the overall storyline. Following that, briefly restate the sections as a final demonstration of the examples. Then, write the sentence that connects everything. Construct it in such a way that there will be no unanswered questions in the minds of the readers.

9. Editing and Proofreading Your Exemplification Essay

Find and read every weak section in the rough outline of the exemplification essay. Replace these, then remove all mechanical errors like grammar and spelling. If the result is still not perfect, repeat the process until you are satisfied.

10. Obtain Feedback 

Other people’s opinions aren’t always important. When writing, however, it is beneficial to receive feedback to better organize the arguments presented.

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