Study about the future of nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is the study of the techniques that is useful for the generation of energy obtain from the core of the atom’s nucleus. The nuclear bond is the strongest bond between two physical particles. When this bond is broken or fused two particles, a large number of energy releases. Students who study nuclear energy in various universities often have to do many academic projects and look for assignment provider to assist them in their academics.

Type of Nuclear Energy

According to scientific theories, we can get nuclear energy through the following methods.

  • Nuclear Fission: It  is based on splitting heavy radioactive elements into lighter atoms
  • Nuclear Fusion:  It is based on the fusion of the lighter radioactive elements into heavy atoms

In the past, only nuclear fission was the procedure is useful for energy generation, but now, nuclear fusion is possible thanks to devices such as Tokamak.

Features of Tokamak

The Tokamak is a device that uses powerful magnetic fields in the form of energy to contain plasma energy. The device was firstly conceptualized in the 1950s in the Soviet Union. The walls of the machine absorb the energy produced by the nuclear fusion reaction.

The Tokamak is a chamber with the shape of a doughnut; inside the chamber, hydrogen can pump; under the influence of high pressure and heat, the hydrogen becomes plasma energy; the plasma provides an environment where light can fuse energy. Physicists use strong magnetic fields to contain the hot plasma, which is helpful to conduct many scientific experiments, including nuclear fusion.

Here are the components of a Tokamak

  • DIVERTER: It is used to absorb the heat and ash which are extracted from the fusion reactions, and it ensures that the contamination of the plasma
  • CRYOSTAT: It is a stainless steel vacuum chamber. The purpose of the cryostat is to dissipate excess heat generated in the vacuum. It provides an ultra-cool environment for the other components, which ensures that the nuclear reactions are under in a stable environment.
  • Magnetic System:  They comprise a network of superconducting magnet systems which consume less energy to operate
  • Vacuum Vessels:  It is a sealed container of stainless steel which provides an isolated environment for nuclear reactions as the spiral shape of the vessel ensures that the supercharged plasma material does not come in contact with the other materials of the device
  • Blanket modules store the energy generated during the reactions, and the coolant present dissipates excess heat in the module.

There are more than 250 Tokamak variant devices present in the world. Tokamak devices and their uses are in the syllabus of many different universities. The students who study Tokamak usage are needs to complete various academic projects. The students look for assignment providers help to them complete their academic projects. 

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