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Best Cancer Hospitals in Istanbul


The Best Cancer Hospitals in Istanbul are renowned for their expertise in treating blood cancers. Patients can undergo bone marrow transplantation for the treatment of blood-borne diseases and rare leukemias. Physicians carry out laboratory procedures to prevent transplant rejection. Last year, the country performed 3356 successful bone marrow transplants for children and adults. The country is also home to one of the world’s best breast cancer treatment facilities. Ultramodern radiosurgery is performed by highly trained physicians in these facilities to eliminate tumor cells. This procedure is non-invasive and uses focused radiation to slow tumor growth.

Acibadem Taksim Hospital

Acibadem Taksim is the best cancer hospital in Istanbul a multipurpose medical facility and part of the Acibadem Healthcare Group. Its operating rooms feature modular wall systems. The hospital’s technological equipment is up-to-date and state-of-the-art. Patients can take advantage of the latest IT solution, “Insight.” It has 24 thousand square meters of covered space.

The hospital is home to two specialized wings, including a gynecology department and an ENT center. Its facilities include private observation and resuscitation rooms and orthopedic and surgical response rooms. The hospital has an in-house ENT department, three Tesla MRIs, and 3D Digital Dimensional Mammography with Tomosynthesis.

Koc University Hospital

The Koc University Hospital is a comprehensive center for medical research and treatment. The hospital’s experts apply a multidisciplinary approach to all of their patients. They have proven their skills at leading medical institutions across Europe and Turkey.

The hospital is located in a city near the airport. The hospital’s acclaimed cancer treatment services include advanced interventional radiology, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. The hospital is a modern, 21-story complex with advanced technology.

Memorial Hospital

The first cancer hospital in Turkey, MEMORIAL Hospital was established in 1994. Its founders wanted to create a top-notch medical institution in Turkey and the international arena. The facilities, infrastructure, and highly qualified personnel of this institution have made it an excellent choice for patients from around the world. In 2005, the clinic received the quality symbol from the Joint Commission International and completed a guest house, which is at the level of a 5-star hotel.

At Memorial Clinic, patients can receive a second opinion from an experienced physician who specializes in the type of cancer they have. The hospital’s TrueBeam technology can target tumors and their metastases in precise and high-definition images.

Anadolu Medical Center

Anadolu Medical Center is one of Istanbul’s leading cancer hospitals. Its world-class expertise in early cancer diagnosis means that many patients fly in from abroad. The medical facility has the latest technology and facilities, including cyberknife and true beam technology. It is also equipped with digital mammography. The center’s facilities are comparable to those of other leading institutions in the US, Germany, and Israel.

The medical complex features a stunning campus and most patient rooms look out over the Sea of Marmara. The center also emphasizes patient safety. The Anadolu Medical Center is a member of the Medical Travel Quality Alliance, which promotes high standards of healthcare for medical tourists.

MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center

An American Hospital in Istanbul is expanding its cancer care services. In January, it opened MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center, replicating the standard of care at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Turkey has a growing cancer population and needs radiation therapy. MD Anderson has three international partners including American Hospital.


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