Sellers 2022 Guide on Amazon FBA Fees

Amazon has simplified its Fulfillment by Amazon charges in the year 2021 as well as the updated structure makes it easier for sellers to comprehend and manage. 

The new FBA fees include the cost of packing, picking, and shipping into a single fulfillment fee, and make it easier to store inventory charges. You can also calculate the fees by using SellerApp’s Amazon FBA calculator.

An Overview of Amazon’s FBA Fees

Fulfillment by Amazon charges is based upon the weight and size of the products you sell and also the location where you offer them. 

For example, smaller items that weigh less than 1-lb. cost $2.41 toll and will be shipped when purchased through Amazon. You can also sell the product on your site and pay $5.95 to Amazon to deliver it to the price of shipping.

You can see that Amazon’s FBA full-filling fees are highly affordable and they are especially affordable for products that are sold on Amazon. 

You’d find it difficult to ship products yourself at this low cost. This low cost makes FBA an extremely popular option for full-time fulfillment for businesses that sell mostly on Amazon.

Wherever you are selling your goods If you utilize FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon to store inventory, and to deliver your orders You’ll be charged two primary FBA costs. They include:

1. Fulfillment Fees

The fulfillment fee is your entire pick-through-shipment fee and includes order picking and packing, shipping cost, packing boxes, and inner packaging. This also covers return processing, but it’s not applicable for items that allow free returns to customers.

2. Monthly Storage Fees 

The monthly storage fees are the cost of storing your items within Amazon’s warehouse. Storage fees for inventory are dependent on the amount of space taken by your goods in Amazon’s warehouses. They are measured by cubic feet.

To determine fulfillment and storage costs, FBA breaks products into two general sizes and sizes include packagings like blister packs, shoe boxes, or retail packaging.

1. Standard-size items 

Standard-size goods are those which weigh in the range of 20lbs. and have dimensions of 18”x14”x 8 or less, completely packed. Within the standard-size category, four size subcategories affect the price.

2. oversize Products

These comprise items that weigh more than 20 pounds or are greater than 18”x14”x8″ which includes packaging. In the category of oversize, four sizes impact fees.

You can precisely estimate the FBA costs for your own products’ weight and size with the Amazon FBA fees calculator.

5 Reasons why FBA is the Best

Amazon intends to allow the marketplace’s sellers to utilize the Fulfillment offered by Amazon to store inventory and fulfillment. 

Their reason is twofold. First, they earn more money. Second, FBA helps all sellers maintain Amazon’s high standards for delivery.

1. Prime Free Shipping Eligibility

FBA products are marketed with products that are marked with the Amazon Prime logo, signaling to Prime customers that the product is available for purchase with the free Prime 2-day shipping and other Prime shipping deals. 

Prime boasts over 85 million members who look at the Prime logo when shopping. Therefore, FBA products will attract more customers than other Prime products.

2. Amazon Free Shipping & Coupon Offers

Amazon provides free shipping on purchases of more than $25 for all buyers whether Prime or not. However, the catch is that they must be eligible products and the list of products eligible for free shipping includes FBA products. 

Similar applies to Amazon coupon offers or events such as Prime Day and Cyber days; FBA products qualify for these deals, too.

3. Better Search Rankings 

FBA products get an advantage over other items in Amazon’s algorithm for product searches. This means that they rank higher for FBA products on Amazon’s product search results, and consequently, greater sales. 

4. Increased Buy-Box Placement 

Buy Box (A) can be described as the place that every Amazon seller would like their listing to have. The first listing is sold automatically after you click the Add to Cart button is clicked. 

FBA Prime-eligible items are preferred in the event of a price tie. They could even take home an opportunity to win the Buy Box over lower-priced non-FBA products (B).

5. Amazon Trust Factor 

FBA item listings feature “Fulfilled by Amazon,” which is a mark of confidence for Amazon customers who are familiar with Amazon’s excellent delivery record. If they notice this, they are confident that they can purchase your product promptly.

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