Science: The Main Branches

Science is a systematic study of the nature and behaviours of objects and the natural universe that is based on measurements, experiments, observations, and formulations of laws. The sciences are organized into four major branches; each branch covers a wide range of subjects including chemistry, physics, math, and astronomy. As a general rule, science is divided into four main branches: biology, physics, and social science. Get Science Assignment Help at reasonable prices at BookMyEssay.

Mathematics and logic are the first two branches. Abstract concepts are dealt with in mathematics & logic. Social sciences and natural sciences go hand in hand since both are necessary for understanding how each works. Laws, theories, and hypotheses are based on both. A scientist would never reach a conclusion without the help of this branch of science.

Biological science also falls under the science umbrella. Biological science focuses on the study of living organisms. The study of biology is divided into several subtopics. A popular one is Zoology. Under biology, this category focuses on studying animal life. Evolution, classification, structure and habits are included, but are not limited to, the study. An important topic in zoology is embryology, which deals with how the embryo develops from fertilization to the fetus in animals. BookMyEssay is providing Social Science Assignment Help with even more additional features to the regular assignment help package.

A Major Branch of Science is Social Science

The study of this is the study of society and the relationship between society and people. A crucial part of this study is Anthropology, which analyzes cultural, social, and physical aspects of human behavior and development. Likewise, economics is a branch of social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. A study of Sociology focuses more on group activities and urban studies, while Sociology is the study of Human Society. Although it shares the same name as the social science branch, sociology is a more complex study as it makes use of different approaches to analyze and investigate the situation. Medical Science Assignment Help has made available to all the students by BookMyEssay at very low prices.

Geology is the study of the natural phenomena, the land, and the features of our planet. Geographics is another category of social science that can be divided into two parts, which include physical geography, concerned with the land, and human geography, concerned with the people who live on the land. On the other hand, philosophy encompasses moral, intellectual, and self-disciplined pursuits of knowledge. The approach to psychology is to examine human behavior based on its fundamental principles.

Geology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy are the four categories of physical science, the last in a four-part series of major branches. During the study of astronomy, we study celestial bodies such as stars, galaxies, comets, and planets, while during the study of chemistry, we study several different types of substances, their changes, and their composition. Inorganic and organic chemistry may also be divided into two categories. A scientist studies matter, and a geologist studies the earth’s physical properties and composition.

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