Power Dressing for Men

The way you dress, the way you speak and the way you carry yourself, play a defining role in the eyes of people who are constantly (consciously and subconsciously) judging you and weighing you. Power dressing can help you make a strong impression in the office and make you appear a viable candidate for a leading position and can tip the balance in your favor even if you don’t have all the necessary credentials as compared to your counterparts. Plus, when you have made a conscious effort, your mind registers it and projects a strong level of confidence, a trademark of powerful people. Besides having a base voice, leveled gait and posture, the following will lend a powerful vibe to your personality.

Wear Strong Colours

Dark colours tend to create a strong vibe so choose your suits in dark colors such as navy blue, charcoal, deep browns, and wear a fitted formal shirt underneath in contrasting shades of white, light grey, dull blue. If you are not required to wear a suit then choose dark shirts, one shade lighter than your trousers. When you are wearing a black shirt with black pants then break the monotony with a contrasting belt in dull red, if that’s too flashy then you can choose a brown or a white belt.

Leather Lace-ups

You like the slip-on better than the lace-ups if you are like me, they save you time and hassle, just put them on and you are good to go, right. Not in this case, a lace-up shoe sends a subconscious message to the observer that you are in no hurry, you have all the time in the world (only powerful people have that kind of time) to do the intricate business of tying up your laces and don’t have to rush putting on shoes. If you can’t wear them every day, wear them at least once a week to use to your advantage.

Wear a Dress Watch

Steer clear of a fancy watch that attracts attention, instead wear an understated yet expensive watch to exude that power. A watch’s primary purpose is to tell time and in a business meeting, you don’t need to keep track of your heart rate and the weather and thousand and one things your smartwatch does. You need to make sure you show you value time and a watch that reflects that and only that is the key to creating a powerful aura. Namshi Coupon Code store has elegant watches by famous name brands in both metal and leather straps so get one for yourself at discounted rates by using the ABC KW.

Have a Sleek Bag to Carry Your Laptop

Powerful people have everything taken care of, they are not seen carrying bulky items because that makes them look awkward and far from powerful. So, choose a compact bag for your laptop and use it only for that, don’t carry your phone chargers, power banks, headphones and specifically, don’t shove in your lunch box inside there. You need to carry a sleek thin bag for your laptop. All the additional things will add weight, requiring a bigger bag which goes against power rules, so discipline yourself and charge your phone at home or keep an extra at your workstation.

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