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Outdoor mist cooling system in gas station

With the improvement of living standards, nowadays almost every family has a car. Therefore, gas stations are closely related to our lives. Many cars enter and exit the gas station every day, but in the hot weather in summer, there is no effectively cooling equipment outside the gas station, that’s why you need a mist cooling system it is like roasting on the fire when the customer is waiting, and the staff cannot work typically. In addition, the oil itself is a flammable product, a small flame that burns at high temperatures can destroy an entire gas station at any time. So for many gas stations, controlling the temperature is a significant thing, because volatile gas and static electricity generated due to dry weather can cause fire and explosion.

Why you need to use in Gas Station:


The outdoor misting system is the best equipment to solve this problem. This system is ejected in a micro fog state and absorbs heat in the air to cool in an all-around way and achieve the purpose of rapid cooling in gas stations. The sprayed water mist is nanometer level, belonging to micro fog and delicate mist. Because the droplets are tiny, they will quickly evaporate in the air, so the water mist will not wet clothes and vehicles. When the temperature reaches 35°C or higher, the surrounding temperature will drop by about 10°C after spraying the misting cooling device for 15 minutes. At the same time, the misting cooling can increase the negative oxygen ions in the air, which is beneficial to employees’ physical and mental health and has low energy consumption and high efficiency.


People often have to spend longer time in those places, such as public parks, open stadiums, water parks, amusements, etc. An outdoor mist cooling system can effectively prevent heatstroke in the midsummer season, when the temperature in those places is higher than 35 degrees Celsius, even if you wear an umbrella, sunglasses, direct sunlight and the reflection of the ground, you still feel hot, and heatstroke in severe cases.


What’s the cooling system?


It uses water as the raw material, through purification and filtration, to ensure that the mist particles produced do not contain harmful ingredients to the human body to enjoy the large amount of no harmful ion health care brought by the misting. It will protect your health by preventing small and impure particles.


What’s the benefit of the mist cooling system?


While reducing the ambient temperature, this system can also reduce the dust raised by the car and the floating amount of tiny particles in the air. In addition, the increase in humidity can effectively reduce the threat of open flames at gas stations. Low energy consumption and pollution-free are its characteristics. We can create a brand-new cooling gas station to make your customers feel more comfortable and relaxed.


What’s the feature of the mist system?


It can effectively remove the peculiar smell and dust expect the outdoor cooling function. The mist cooling system increases the oxygen ion content of the environment, which significantly improves the working environment of gas station employees and improves work efficiency. At the same time, the system uses purely physical methods to achieve zero emissions in environmental optimization.


What are the steps to maintain the mist system?


First, check the water tank and pump of the mist main machine. When the equipment is not used for a long time, it is necessary to drain the water and oil. Secondly, check the filter cotton in the filter and nozzle. The filter cotton needs to be replaced if black spots have appeared to prevent the nozzle from clogging. Finally, follow the instructions before use to avoid damage to the equipment due to abnormal operation.

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