Oracle: Features And Benefits

Oracle Database is a relational database management system developed by the Oracle Corporation. The reason for using the oracle is to store and retrieved the information. It helps in improving issues related to the information system. Moreover, it is used in running the OLTP, data warehousing, and mixed database workloads. This provides cost – optimization and higher performance to the customer. If you want to gain knowledge about the Oracle Training Institute in Gurgaon then they should join the institute to get the certification. Although, the demand for candidates in this domain is increasing in the IT industry rapidly. 

Now, let’s have a look at the features that are explained in detail as follows: 

What are the features of Oracle? 

An Oracle database provides various features that fulfill the needs of powerful database management as follows:

  • Scalability and Performance: The scalability of the Oracle database is very good with the help of features like Real Application clustering and Portability according to the use. It enables high availability. Moreover, it is a multiuser database. This controls the data consistency and concurrency. 
  • Backup and Recovery: You can’t lose your data ever even in the case of a system failure. Furthermore, it includes the tool of the Recovery Manager which helps in protecting your data integrity. In short, it has a database with high recovery and within less time for backups. 
  • Security: Data is very important for every organization. Oracle provides high-quality security to your data. It has a feature that helps in controlling the accessing of the data. Moreover, the help of authorization feature provided in the Oracle helps in controlling the illegal activities with your data. 
  • Logical Structure – The structure provided in the Oracle helps store the data systematically. However, you don’t need to search for your data. 

Benefits of the Oracle:

The Oracle provides various kinds of benefits for the users in the work process. It is in huge demand in the IT industry. Therefore, some of the benefits of using it are as follows:

  1. It provides high portability to the users. You can attach to more than 100 platforms at the same time. Moreover, you can run on it several protocols. You can easily write the applications with the oracle. 
  2. You can easily manage several databases on a single server with the same transaction. 
  3. Oracle helps the user experience with time. As there is always an edition or up-gradation goes on. The advance features help in better performance. 
  4. It provides great security to the database of the hybrid cloud environment. It companies cost gets decreased, more flexible. 
  5. Your data will get recover faster. Furthermore, the data gets stored with the online backup. It also stores the files that are present in the database.
  6. It has a high market status in the industry. Highly demanded with the benefits it provides to the organizations. 
  7. The database provides the PL/SQL extension for doing procedural programming. 
  8. The Real Application Cluster helps in providing the availability of data. You can increase the processing capacity of the data. 


Now, we can conclude after this post that Oracle is the most powerful database management system software. Therefore, it has changed the organizations working style whether the firm is big or small. This provides the most advanced features to the different applications. In short, if you are looking to make a career in Oracle Online Training then you should get the certified skills to enter into this field. The people in this domain have a high chance to earn huge salary packages and more job options.

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