What is an exemplification essay?

Exemplification essays are an example of argumentative essays. In this type of essay, you will find specific examples to demonstrate the writer’s position. When writing an exemplification essay, providing a brief description of the subject isn’t enough. It is more important than an academic assignment that should support the essay’s argument and provide reasons backed by examples.

These examples will aid you in defining, describing, and demonstrating your viewpoint. Although they are like the argumentative essay, you’ll need to verify the selected subject by providing detailed examples. This includes facts, statistics, and other relevant information from trustworthy sources.

Writing this type of essay isn’t possible if you don’t back your argument by proving your points with evidence. However, writing an exemplification essay will aid you in learning how to present examples to show your point of view in academic writing.

It is crucial to know how an exemplification essay is written to accomplish this. Continue reading, and you’ll be able to understand how to write an essay in greater depth!


How can you an exemplification essay?

Writing an essay on exemplification is based on a few writing steps. Writing an excellent expository essay is possible by following these steps to register.

1. Selecting an appropriate topic

Selecting the right topic is crucial to the essay’s overall quality. Take your time, and be sure you pick a unique and specific subject. Your subject must not be too wide or too narrow. The broad topics are far too general, and it isn’t easy to find relevant examples in small-scale questions.

2. Brainstorming ideas

Once you’ve decided on the topic of your exemplification essay, it’s time to come up with ideas:

  1. Find ideas and concepts that will best help your case.
  2. Consider angles from which you’d like your topic presented in the text.
  3. Write down your ideas and thoughts.

In this brainstorming process, it is your job to choose the central position of your essay. Of course, the primary role will be the thesis statement, upon which the entire exemplification essay will be built.

3. Making the right choices by choosing examples

Once you’ve recorded the thoughts to compose the essay’s content for your paper, you must conduct some research to gather facts and information. Study the subject thoroughly for relevant data to support your essay’s thesis.

The longer you dedicate to study, the more significant number of evidence you’ll need to demonstrate your thesis. Therefore, you must utilize reliable sources like newspapers, journals, and books.

4. In the process of creating an exemplification outline

When you begin writing an essay, it’s recommended to draw an expository exemplification essay outline for your essay. But, before starting the actual writing phase, it is best to know what you should include in your essay.

Because of an outline, the content acquires shape and has significance. In addition, an outline can help organize the data into easily understood text. Thus, first, the outline is created by dividing the data into various sections.

Under the format of 5 paragraphs, your essay should include these sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. 1st Body Paragraph
  3. 2nd Body Paragraph
  4. 3rd Body Paragraph
  5. Conclusion

After you have your HTML outline for your essay, move on to the writing procedure.


How can you create an exemplification essay?

After completing an exemplification essay outline of the plan and structure, it’s time to begin your writing. After that, based on the outline or the design you have created, gather all the details collected from the research.


1. Introduction

The introduction is the initial part of an exemplification essay. In this section, the topic is explained to the readers, giving them an overview of the essay.

The introduction paragraph begins with an opening line, also called a hook. It’s a phrase or sentence that draws readers’ attention towards the article. Then, based on the subject, it can take on any form that includes an eloquent quote, a humorous assertion, fact, statistic, or an incident.

Following the hook, an explanation of the subject for the paper is given, which is further examined in the essay’s content. Furthermore, the reason for choosing the essay is also outlined. The introduction is the most crucial section of the essay since it starts discussing the subject.

In this section, the author explains the types of readers and the audience who can benefit from this particular essay. Then, after the introduction paragraph, the writer outlines his views on the subject through an argumentative thesis assertion.

Make an introduction with an argumentative and robust thesis assertion. Be sure the argument you provide is convincing enough to convince your audience.


2. Body Paragraphs

This section will need to go over the details you’ve mentioned in the initial paragraph.

The three paragraphs are placed within the body portion by the standard five-paragraph essay format. Each section will discuss a particular aspect of the evidence that supports the thesis assertion. Each paragraph starts with a topical sentence, the main point covered throughout the area.

The reason for the issue is explained following the subject sentence. This is an excellent example to support what was stated within the main body. Every paragraph is linked with transition words to keep the body’s harmony. These words help to ensure an even flow throughout the text.


3. Conclusion

It is also the final section of an expository essay. The conclusion section provides a more detailed review of the entire discussion throughout paragraphs. Finally, in the last paragraphs, the author summarizes the debate to outline the essay’s key areas.

Make a concluding statement by reiterating your thesis and reminding your readers what your essay is about. This is accomplished by returning the reader to the central argument. It is essential to ensure that the conclusion gives an impression of completeness to viewers.


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