Multiple Factors that Impact Your Moving Costs

Every day, most people tend to move to a new location. Relocation or moving is quite a difficult task. Moving to a nearby area is not very costly.

But when you move to a different city or state, it will be costly for you. Shipping your entire belongings takes a lot of money.

Hiring the best packers and movers in your area is good for you. It is not possible for you to move your goods alone. So, contacting the best packing and moving agency is a good idea.

Many of the packers and movers charge high rates for their services. They offer random charges to the customers, which is not the right way to quote.

The best would be to choose the movers that consider various factors to charge their rates. To calculate the moving cost of your goods, use the cost calculators on different sites.

This way, you will get an idea about the movers and packers charges of the moving agency. Contacting a few packers and movers will also be beneficial for you in this context. If you explain your moving requirements to them, they will calculate moving costs for you.

They take several factors into account while offering their quote. Let’s understand the factors that affect your relocation costs:-

Pick Up and Destination Points as a Factor

Calculating the price of your move depends on the distance you need to travel. The trusted packers and movers consider your pick-up and destination locations. This is a big factor in quoting the price.

If you are moving to a metro city, the moving will cost you less. But if you move to a distant village, it will cost you more. You will also get affordable moving service if you are moving to a place that is near the highway.

Types of Vehicles and Goods

The size, shape, and weight of your goods are the important factors that impact the moving costs. If you choose packers and movers to move your costly items, it will be costly for you.

The reason is that the movers need dedicated transport to move them. Also, they offer great care to these items to avoid any damage. So, the cost rises due to that.

Likewise, it would cost you more if your movers are relocating bulky items to your new destination. To manage the weight of these items, they will assign special trucks for them.

If you need to move your luxury goods, you will need insurance for these items. So, moving them would be a costly affair for you.

Time as a Factor

The time or season of the year also affects your moving costs. Summer is the best season for relocation. A majority of people move their belongings in the summer.

There is a great demand for moving services in summer. Due to that, the moving services are high in demand. So, the moving companies tend to charge higher in summers.

On the other hand, very few people move in winter. Winter is the off-season for moving. So, if you opt for the move during the winter, you will save some money.

Not only the season, but also the date and time of the year will impact your moving expenses. For instance, if you are moving on a holiday or on weekends, it would cost you more.

The excessive demand for shifting services is the reason for this hefty price.

Add-On Services

Add-on Services also play a major role in the increase of the charges. The more add-on services you choose, the more money you have to offer to the moving companies.

Another thing that may increase your moving cost is the insurance. If you choose partial insurance, it will be less costly for you. But if you need full-value protection, you will have to spend more.

You can choose a supervisor to take care of your valuable belongings. But, it will increase your moving costs.

Also, if you need additional services such as packing and unpacking your goods, it will increase your costs. If you require moving your beds, coolers, ACs and TVs, your moving costs will increase.

The reason is that the packers and movers dismantle these goods before loading them on the truck. So, if you opt for such add-on services, you will need to pay extra money.

Total Number of Belongings You Wish to Relocate

Another thing that impacts the moving costs is the number of your belongings. If you have numerous belongings to locate, you require more space in the truck.

Reserving extra space in the vehicle will increase your moving costs.

Also, the more belongings you move, the more the weight of your consignment will go up.

Labour Charges

The labor charges will also add to the total relocation costs. Suppose you are living on a top floor, the labor charges in this case will go up. Same way, if you are living on the ground floor, your moving charges will decrease.

So, your residence location is one of the most important factors in impacting your moving charges.

Number of Helping Hands

Moving requires an extra amount of labor. Whether you move alone or through a moving company, you need more helping hands. In case of a DIY move, your friends will help you greatly.

You can throw a small party for them once your moving work is completed.

But if you choose the movers for your relocation, you will pay more for extra moving employees.

Storage Services

If you need the warehousing and storage services for your goods, it will increase your relocation costs.

You need these services if you don’t have a place to store your goods in the new city.

Tolls & Taxes

If you are moving your goods to a new city, you will need to pay the taxes and the tolls. These taxes are different for each vehicle.


Now you are aware of the several factors that are responsible for your high moving costs. So, it would be best to consider these factors while booking a relocation agency the next time.

Avoiding these extra charges will help you reduce your moving budget.

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