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Law Firm Logo Design And Tips

Loyal, competent, reliant, and powerful, are the principles that the majority of law firms wish to transmit to the rest of the world. Is there still a role for marketing in this world of law and order? It is up to you to choose how recognizable or authoritative your company becomes, and it all begins with the design of your logo. Despite this, remember to always select an agency that provides affordable logo design packages.

Tips for Law Firm Logo Design

  • Clichéd emblems are uninteresting and unoriginal, but balance this with making your legal practice clearly identifiable. So don’t be concerned about communicating that you’re a legal practice. Simply state that you represent law and order. 
  • A good logo will not only inform potential clients that you own a law company but will also identify your specialization and the types of legal services you provide. For example, Personal injury, estate planning, bankruptcy, intellectual property, or it will incorporate part of your name initials.
  • Make sure the design compliments your website design and looks well on business cards or vice versa.
  • If your emblem design is colorful, keep in mind that it will occasionally show on black-and-white surfaces, so make sure it is as appealing in negative as it is in positive.
  • Consider your field and how your peers see it. How do you compare? Make sure you strike a fair mix between tradition and reliability, with a dash of modernism to let your clients know you’re not trapped in the past.
  • Consider where you intend to employ your new brand. For example, if you want to utilize the logo on a wall sign once you exit the elevator, you may want a large version. Alternatively, you may like a narrower version for your letterhead and business cards. Make sure you consider this ahead of time and inform your legal logo designer.

Best Law Firm Logo Ideas

Courthouse Logo

A logo that incorporates a courthouse is possibly the most basic icon option you could select. It’s simple to obtain generic courthouse images, but if you can design one based on your local courthouse, it improves your firm’s hometown appeal and may even increase your clients‘ sense of loyalty.

Gavel Logo

Among creative law firm logo design, this is another option in popular usage, whether you want to call it a gavel logo or a law hammer logo. It doesn’t have a lot of room for variety, therefore seek lookalikes among the competitors before using this design.

Pen Logo

A traditional fountain pen or quill pen also adds a sense of confidence and tradition to a legal logo; despite the fact that most of what happens in court these days is digital, we have yet to encounter a lawyer who didn’t appreciate an impressive pen.

Balance Scales Logo

The scales are possibly the most widely used image to represent the legal element, appearing in everything from law office logo design to bail bonds logos to legal consultancy logos and beyond. This image benefits from the “shorthand” element — if you use it in your logo, everyone will know you’re in the legal field — but it suffers from overuse, so use with caution.


A powerful law firm logo design will communicate to potential clients that you are capable of representing them in any scenario. Whether you’re a traffic ticket attorney or a family law attorney, dealing with tax or mergers, or working with companies or real estate developers, the perfect legal logo will help you express expertise and accountability.

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