Ideas To Make Your Events Memorable – Best Tips for Event Marketers

Keeping an audience engaged for a significant period is a work of art. However, suppose one can master this art. Then, one can reap many benefits, especially if one owns a brand that consistently holds events. 

Holding an event is one thing, but making it a memorable one will work wonders for you. So if you are looking to become a master of the art of engaging an audience to make your event one for the ages, we have something intriguing for you. Stay tuned as some brilliant ideas are coming up your way.

Creative Ideas To Make Your Events Memorable

Messages are more memorable when they are shared with others. According to studies, 33% of people retain things better when they hear them in a group setting. Now, since you are holding an event shortly, let’s see how you can take full advantage of the audience in groups to make your event stand out!

Display A Social Wall

A social wall or social media wall is an intriguing real-time presentation of user-generated content created around an event’s hashtag on various social media platforms in texts, photos, and videos.

Implementing a social media wall is one of the many ways an event can engage its audience. For example, events are more than just a tool to deliver information to an audience; they are also a way to interact with them.

The more your audience is encouraged to post, the more feedback you’ll get and the longer your influence will last. As an event planner, you know that creating an engaging social media wall for events is essential for planning a successful event.

As an event planner, you know that selecting the right social media wall is essential for planning a successful event.

Look After Small Details

To leave a great impression on your attendees, you’ll need to think about how each event component is presented. Even if your event is a success, minor details such as waiting in a long line for the cloakroom at the end might leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Consider how the food and drink will complement the rest of the event is catered. For example, if your event is a formal one, hire wine glasses rather than utilizing plastic cups to establish the tone. Catering is an excellent method to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. People are more likely to remember an event favorably if the food is good.

Consider your visitors’ journey and strive to make it as smooth as possible. Make entrances accessible, post visible signage, and have team members on hand to answer queries. Make sure the lighting matches the mood and that any background music isn’t too loud. 

Roundtable With Guest Speakers

After listening to specialists speak for long periods, most attendees are eager to show their faces and have their opinions heard. If professional speakers are present, it’s a much more lucrative possibility. Through roundtables with few participants, one can ask experts in-depth questions, share their own experiences, and meet new people. By allowing attendees to interact in a more genuine, natural “face-to-face” setting, this session structure breaks up the monotony of just listening to presenters.

Take a follow-up

 Keeping in touch after the event is crucial for making the most of the experience. An email campaign is a solid strategy to reach your audience and follow up after an event. You can also utilize this time to request feedback and learn what your visitors think. For example, send out a simple survey or ask guests to share their favorite memories. These tips can come in handy while preparing for the next event.

If you have another similar event scheduled, please inform guests and encourage them to register. Take advantage of the buzz surrounding an event and keep visitors interested while their memories of the event are still fresh.

Arrange An After-Party

An after-party is a great way to encourage people to present their natural selves and gel with other attendees at the event. You can also set up tiny networking rooms with amusing themes to encourage people to unwind and talk about something other than work. 

Attendees are often tired of concentrating too hard after an event where everyone learned, networked, and shared. So bring in a DJ, dancers, or singers to change the event’s mood. Ending an event on such a happening note will create a memorable experience in the mind of the attendees, which would encourage them to actively participate in your future events. 

Over To You

You need to stand out to make a mark in this world of events. Be it any kind of event, the ideas that we shared above will ensure that you attract permanent visitors not just for the current event but also for future events. A social wall will play a big part in this, and you can create one with a significant appeal using Taggbox. Taggbox is a user-generated platform and social media aggregator tool that is one of the best in the current times. You should give it a try to create an engaging social wall for your upcoming event!

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