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How to Track Student Attendance During Online Learning

How to Keep Track of Students’ Online Learning Attendance

It has been some time now that online classes have become integral to the education system. It is noteworthy to observe the fact it has gained the same reputation as the traditional system. There are multiple advantages of online learning such as self-paced learning and flexibility. This enables individuals to manage their time along with other engagements including a full-time job. Time management is crucial for balancing work and additional commitments; it also encourages following a regular schedule that leads to productive output. 

 If we were to discuss specifically from the perspective of instructors or institutes then it often becomes hard for them to keep track of who attended the class. As per the initial method, instructors call out the students’ names or ask them to type down their names and roll number in the chatbox. But in an online class, it becomes difficult for the teachers to determine the registered students who are attending without any proper identification. 

 Hence an attendance management system could be really useful in this case as it provides an appropriate mechanism to track the absence and presence of students regularly. But since digitization could be a new concept for many so it is essential to understand how the system works and how does it help the institute. 

 Written below are a few ways how we can track student attendance through the system: 

 Google forms 

If you have ever conducted an online class then you must be familiar with google forms. Through an application provided by Google, one can develop customizable forms which could include questionnaires, fill-in blanks, etc.  You can easily create an attendance sheet attach it to the google form and distribute it among the students at the beginning of the class.

 The timestamp feature is already in sync with the form so all the students can just self-report the attendance sheet. For different classes, respective teachers can create separate google forms or spreadsheets so that later on there is no confusion in terms of subject/classes. Another interesting fact about Google forms is that teachers can use them for conducting polls and surveys. 

 The teachers do not need to edit the dates or times, as it updates those details automatically. 

 Manual attendance 

 If you thought that just because classes are being held online so the traditional ways will become obsolete, then you are wrong.

 Virtual attendance 

 The old method would soon become ineffective as the instances of mall practices by students would increase and you would have to look for an alternative. 

This would give him/her to take a headcount of all who are present at the same time filter the absentees as well. 

 Advanced tools 

 Most institutes by now have begun transforming their system through advanced tools such as learning management systems. This software can be integrated with other systems including a biometric attendance system which helps to track attendance in real-time.

 In Conclusion 

 But keeping track of student attendance is equally important that could be accomplished with the help of a well-organized system and an effective tool. 

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