How to raise children in the current generation

How to raise children in the current generation

The best education is the fundamental right of every child. Regardless of their caste, all parents want to adorn their children with the ornaments of knowledge and education and have many dreams for their future. Also Read: Snake Coloring Pages

There is no point in acquiring knowledge unless it is put into practice. Then there is the difference between education and knowledge and training. Becoming a decent and active person involves a lot of education and good training.

Parents, home, and surroundings play a vital role in shaping the personality of a boy or a girl. When a baby opens its eyes, it first sees its mother. Her first school is on her mother’s lap. But her strong character ‘positive thinking’ and mental and physical health have a direct and indirect effect on the child’s training.

As the child opens his eyes to this world, his learning process also grows in which the father’s role is vital, as well as his home environment, family relations, and living conditions. They play their part in shaping the child’s personality, who does not even realize how and when the child got into the habit. But he will learn from his observations and experiences.

Remember that training is the duty of the mother and the father, and all the family members are equal participants, so it is wise to play one’s role well.

As the seed is planted for planting, it is watered. the heat is saved from the cold, and not only that but the thorns of the dried leaves are sorted. It is provided with a conducive environment.

The importance of relationships and the lesson of good manners are taught. The difference between right and wrong paths is explained. Unnecessary pampering, love, and luxury cause spoilage. Teach children the lessons of autonomy, moderation, moderation, frugality, saving, and discipline in life.

Please don’t make them seek comfort by providing comfort; teach them to work hard, struggle, and face failures. It is wrong to say that you will learn when you grow up.

Wasif Ali Wasif says: “Human nature never changes.”

They say: Feed the golden morsel and look at it with the eyes of an eagle. The child becomes a traveler on the wrong path.

Every part of life is essential in training a child, whether a boy or a girl, but the first five years play a vital role in it. So the environment he gets will become the same.

12 to 18-year-olds are usually very dangerous. Parents should be prudent at this age because this is when only the child and his friends seem right to the parents.

Parents should think that times have changed. There is a big difference between you and the child. Don’t think of your child as a robot who will obey what you say. You have to lead a small piece of flexibility, sometimes you have to obey them, and sometimes you have to follow yourself.

Today’s so-called technology age is the most dangerous as it has become difficult for parents to monitor their children’s movements. But parents must save an eye on what their children are watching. What websites they are visiting, what kind of games they are playing, and what their activities are. It is not a difficult task to keep an eye on e-mail IDs. Also, keep passwords under your control and visit them from time to time.

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