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5 Things To Know About Fue Facial Hair Transplant

Losing hairs of beard is a great stigma for men itself as the beard gives them masculine and attractive looks. Well, the reasons to get a facial hair restoration are many. But, the thing is that what type of procedure is most suitable for beard transplant? Undoubtedly, an FUE facial hair transplant is a great solution to get natural beard growth. This is definitely the modern technology that is suitable for male pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia. However, you must undergo this treatment by consulting an expert surgeon and team.

5 things to know about this treatment

Most common beard transplant solution

It is obvious that FUE is the highly recommended facial hair restoration technique. The reason is that it can provide you with specific numbers of grafts implanted. You would have partial growth of beard with bald patches. So, this treatment would restore fuller growth of beard on your face. The grafts will be extracted from the donor site and then will be implanted on larger facial areas.

Natural-looking results

A beard looks great that has a natural shape and equal growth. So, when it comes to restoring it using FUE, the biggest advantage lies in its results. The treatment is proven to deliver natural-looking results. Hence, the surgeon will extract grafts that are required to cover the bald areas. No extra hair grafting will be needed to implant on the facial area. The round bald patches and larger areas will be covered fully to let the hairs grow naturally.

The faster process with no obstruction

FUE facial hair transplant is a fast and unobstructed beard transplant procedure. It takes only 2-4 hours for complete implantation of grafts to the facial line. The surgeon would plan the transplantation by marking the areas to be treated. For example, the chin, mustaches, and cheeks are needed to be covered with grafts. So, the modern Smartgraft will work to remove 1 to 5 follicles in groups to be used for the bald face. The hairs will be extracted from the back of your head.

Customized treatment

You are more likely to achieve bespoke treatment for facial hair restoration using this procedure. You can tell the surgeon if you want a matched type of hair on your scalp with the beard. The beard to scalp hairs mismatch could lead to an unnatural appearance. So, the hair surgeon can provide you with natural results by using the hairs of the chest to grow them with curls. If you have curly hairs on the head, then your curly beard would certainly match the scalp hairs. So, you can opt for this customized beard transplant treatment.

Budget-friendly hair transplantation

An FUE beard transplantation could match your budget, too, as the cost of treatment mainly depends on grafts required. So, if you have a patchy beard on the goatee and mustaches, then you may need a specific number of grafts. So, the cost could decrease as per the requirement as the total number of grafts required for the beard is 3000.

To sum up

FUE facial hair transplant is always a beneficial treatment. Unlike traditional beard hair growth treatments, this is a fast process for growth. You will get the shape and size of the beard that you have dreamed of. However, you must be an ideal candidate by having enough hair growth on the head. It is also important to consult a professional hair surgeon for a beard hair transplant.

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