How to Brand Custom Candle Boxes

When choosing a product, consider the shape and size of your candle box. Think about what you would like printed on your box. There are many options to consider. And, you don’t have to limit yourself to a single design. Custom candle boxes are a great way to add your brand’s logo and name to a unique item.


Custom candle boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You can also add a window pane to allow potential buyers to view the product. Shapes can be created to highlight a logo, scent, or other important details. Custom Candle Boxes also come with UV coatings and Abrasion guards for protection and durability. Shapes can be easily customized to fit your business’s needs. For an added touch, consider using hot foil stamping. This decorative process leaves behind a metallic sheen that leaves a mirror-like impression. Hot foil stamping is perfect for custom candles and other special-edition gifts.

Window-cut and die-cut candle boxes make for a fine presentation of your product. They help maintain the product’s position on retail shelves and give customers a peek at what’s inside. They are ideal for gift-giving and presentations. These boxes come in a variety of sizes, making them a versatile packaging solution. If you’re planning to sell more candles in the future, consider a window-cut box.


Custom-made candle boxes are the best way to communicate your brand to your customers. Candles are highly delicate objects, and they can easily break while being transported. For this reason, many packaging companies have designed custom-made boxes to keep expensive candles safe during shipping and storage. By having your logo and brand name printed on the box, you will attract more attention and improve your brand’s identity. You can even add illustrations or graphics to your custom-printed boxes to create more appealing product packaging.


Whether you’re selling a single candle or a large collection, there are many ways to customize the box to match the size and weight of your products. Candle boxes with a window or hang tab packaging offers a sneak peek at your product without opening it, while custom candle boxes with flaps and other decorative elements allow for an even closer look. The right box will speak volumes about the quality of the product. To achieve the most professional presentation of your products, size and weight are vital considerations when choosing custom candle boxes.

The most common material used for candle boxes is corrugated cardboard, which is durable and ideal for shipping a variety of different items. You can also use cardstock, which is lighter and more colorful. Whatever material you choose, be sure to give the box specialist the dimensions of your candles and which type of material you prefer. Once you have a basic idea of the materials you want to use, you can begin your custom candle box design.

Printing Options:

There are several printing options available for custom candle boxes. With these services, you can have the candle box printed inside and out with your company’s logo and address. If you’re looking for a personalized touch, you can use embossing or foil stamping. You can choose the printing method that best represents your brand. This process highlights your company’s logo or scent and can add a touch of sparkle to the box.

Custom candle boxes are one of the most stylish ways to package your products. They can be printed inside and out, and they are also a great way to display your brand logo and products. They can be used as e-commerce boxes, as well, since they can be customized with your company’s logo and details. Custom candle boxes are a great way to connect with your customers.


Custom candle boxes can be printed with a variety of different designs to match the theme of the scent. They can feature a design that focuses on the scent of the candle, or be more decorative by adding a logo or address. With the use of cutting-edge printing technologies, you can create a unique and custom design to best represent your brand.

While there are many options for paper stock and printing, the most durable material for mailing and shipping boxes is 24 pt. cardstock. Custom Printed Boxes are available in many different sizes and shapes, depending on what your brand is all about. You can choose from a smooth matte finish or a protective glossy coating, and many different materials. The design you choose will determine how your product stands out from other candles.

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