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How Real Estate Businesses can Boost Visibility and Improve Lead Conversion

If you are a real estate agent, you might have seen a shift in the market in the last few years. If you are a real estate agent, you might have seen a shift in the market in the last few years. As a real estate agent in this current date you must know that one of the first places that clients go to look for homes are online. Research states that 94% of Millennials went online to search for potential homes. The use of internet to find house makes it important for real estate Business to use the digital space to engage buyers.

Developing an online presence for real estate agents is quite simple. All you need to do is set up a website, list out potential properties and wait for the clients to contact you. You can increase your interaction with your client by posting on social media. There are however several other ways in which you can increase lead from digital marketing apart from using social media. Here is a list of software solutions for real estate agents to generate leads and interact with potential buyers.

How Real Estate Businesses can Boost Visibility and Improve Lead Conversion

Using the Power of Social Media

A full-fledged social media marketing will help in yielding fruitful results for the realtors. Millions of users remain active on social media platforms and the realtors can use this media to boost their business. The real estate markets are now predominantly dominated by the millennials and they are the ones who remain active in social media. So, using this opportunity, the realtors can reach a mass audience. One just needs to know the right way to connect to their target audience and keep them updated on all that is going on in the real estate Business. Want to know some tricks to effectively use social media platforms?

Read below. 

  • Make accounts on all the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. People of all ages are active on these platforms and making accounts on all these platforms will help the realtors to reach a huge audience. 
  • Use attractive and related hashtags for optimizing the content. 
  • Post on social media platforms regularly so that the people remain connected with the content provided. Provide pictures of all the listings of places and also highlight the stories of successful buyers. 
  • Remain connected to the audience and chat with the followers. Reply to all the queries made in the comments section and remain available for the interested members. 
  • Promote the locality and neighborhood and the facilities available along with the house so that the audience can get a clear idea of the area. 

Social media is a goldmine for realtors and mining it appropriately will help them to get connected to real and potential buyers. You can use real estate software solutions that would help in managing the accounts and help in growing your business.

Developing an SEO strategy

SEO or search engine optimization can be an effective strategy to increase leads to your website. If done correctly, you will be able to push your websites and webpages higher on the search engine result pages while buyers conduct relevant searches. One of the main SEO strategies is to invest in local SEO. Using local SEO Will help you to rank higher for local search terms such as “home sale near me” or “real estate Business in my area”. 

However it is important for you to understand that this issue is a long-term strategy. You cannot expect an insane amount of traffic overnight. Using SEO assists search engines like Google to rank your content at the top when the website believes that a user’s search is close to the product or service that you offer. Thus, it is essential for you to think about what keywords your customers might be using to search for the product or service that you offer. The content that would contain the SEO terms however needs to be original and well written. They should be customized as well. More than 55% of web traffic occurs through small screens such as tablets and mobile phones. As a result people are more interested in reading things that are bees and to the point. Using SEO can be your ideal software solution for generating leads in the real estate business.

Pay Per Click Advertising

The pay per click advertising, also known as PPC advertising is an effective digital marketing strategy that realtors can use for promoting their business. Through this PPC advertising, the realtors can generate new leads based on the ads they have to pay for every time the ad gets clicked on. 

The realtors use SEO to generate traffic on website and increase visibility but there are other options apart from SEO to get the realtor’s organic traffic and this can be done by in PPC advertising. 

It is a great digital marketing option that the realtors can opt for finding their potential clients who are genuinely interested in their offerings. The realtors only need to pay when someone clicks through their ads. Through PPC advertising the realtors can get leads to potential buyers who are wanting to buy homes. Sometimes placing the right ads in front of the right people can help a lot in boosting business by providing the customers with the information they want. Through PPC advertising, the realtors can meet real clients who turn out to buy the property in real life. 

Before investing in PPC advertising there is some information that the realtors need to know

  • Select the right keywords in your ad to reach your target audience. 
  • Set a budget on how much you want to spend on pay-per-click advertising. 
  • Choose your right digital platform for advertising and also choose the right format and you are right on the track to get your potential clients. 

Creating a User-Friendly Website

How many times have you opened a website and closed it as it was slow to load and also not user-friendly? All of us have done that. Right?

With many photos and listings to post, the realtor’s websites lag most of the time and customers refrain from opening such sites. By creating a user-friendly website taking the help of professionals, the realtors can optimize their website and make it available for smooth browsing even on mobiles. The website should contain the following information so that the clients can get the best experience

  • Listings of all the properties. 
  • A content that will guide the users throughout their home buying process. 
  • Provide a live chat feature where the clients can connect with the representatives and clear their queries and assist them throughout their journey. 

The real estate Business is people-centric and the more time the realtors will give to their customers, the more connected they can stay with their customers.  


Location is the key in your service. Identifying The appropriate location is the topmost priority of clients while choosing a real estate. While, Location is important for your customers it can benefit you too. Focusing on a specific location can help you to develop a target customer base that you will be focusing on. If you are new to the term, Geofencing alludes to characterizing an exact mile span around a particular area. This solution will help you to target an appropriate audience and deliver them impactful message about your service. Based on location, you can geofence local schools, parks, office spaces, police station and shopping centers.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours of real estate is an amazing digital marketing strategy. Video content generates faster revenue compared to non-video content. Apart from increasing the revenue, it also helps your customer to have an idea of the layout of the home. The process of purchasing a home is exceptionally difficult for buyers. It is the responsibility of the real estate agent to make this process as seamless as possible. Moreover, with the current pandemic situation, a virtual tour of listed houses seems to be a great idea. This helps to prevent crowding and reduces the risk of visitors getting infected. Using this solution helps buyers to visit the home from the comfort of their home. You should use real footage as compared to digital illustrations, and ensure the tool is user-friendly and uses 3D techniques. 

In Conclusion

In the present time, with the advancement of technology, digital marketing has become critical for real estate professionals. The realtors should always remain connected with their clients and customers to stay ahead. The realtors can thus use this digital marketing strategy well to make their business grow.

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