How much does a marketer earn?

A marketer is a real specialist who is engaged in the promotion of goods and services of a particular company. Recently, he has gained immense popularity in the labor market and regularly becomes the object of attention from teenagers. They want to study marketing to secure a good future for themselves. Is this such an attractive option and how much does a marketer earn? Need to find out right now.

What affects the earnings of a marketer?

To find out how much a marketer earns in Pakistan, you have to find out what factors can affect the final numbers. They look like this:

Employee qualification.ย 

The first thing that affects the earnings of a marketer is his qualifications. The better his education, the higher he can be offered wages from the start. It is important to note that practical knowledge is also tested in practice. Education here does not give too great privileges.

Region of work.ย 

It matters in which region the specialist works. In the regions, they pay much less money than in Islamabad and Lahore. This is especially true when it comes to professionals such as marketers. The main business is concentrated in the heart of Pakistan, and not in the regions. The difference can be up to two times.


If the marketer has done his job well, then he can earn bonuses. They are paid extra in case of a large number of sales or over fulfillment of any other plan. All this is comparable to the premium, which happens in other areas of activity.

specific company.ย 

It is especially important to consider in which company the marketer works. Those who are associated with corporations and large businesses can expect higher wages than in the case of start-up entrepreneurs. It can’t be called a secret.


This is the last thing to mention. A marketer who works 12 hours and 8 hours differs in salaries and results.

It is these factors that must be taken into account to find out how much marketers earn.

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In the ideal view of the employer, such a specialist should have experience in a large company, specialized education, and several large projects behind him. For such marketers, not a physical, but a material fight can even begin.

Marketer earnings

If we talk about average figures, then a marketer earns 45,000 rupees in Pakistan. Most ready to offer in the following cities:

  • Lahore – 75,000 rupees.
  • Islamabad – 62,900 rupees.
  • Karachi – 61250 rupees.
  • Rawalpindi – 55833 rupees.
  • Multan – 51450 rupees.
  • Faisalabad – 46,000 rupees.
  • Peshawar – 45755 rupees.
  • ย Hyderabad- 44280 rupees.
  • Sialkot – 43,000 rupees.
  • Kohat – 42,900 rupees.

This is an average salary, so it is important to note that. Professionals in their field have much higher incomes.

In Islamabad, if you get into a large company and have work experience, you will be able to earn 100-150 thousand rupees, but this is the ceiling. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to reach higher numbers. Given the eight-hour schedule, this is not as bad as it might seem at first glance.

Therefore, in part, a marketer is a good profession to study for and then work in this direction. A comfortable youth and old age will be provided. There will be no doubt about this.

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