How Is Indian Fantasy Sports Gaming Booming?

As soon as the Indian Premier League, or ISL, begins, your TV screen will be inundated with numerous fantasy football and cricket advertisements. You might be curious as to why. Regardless of whether you play or are familiar with fantasy games, we’ll offer you a thorough overview of the industry in India in this article. You’ll be surprised to learn how much Indians enjoy fantasy sports cricket in addition to gully cricket. And for this reason, fantasy gaming in India is truly booming.

Fantasy Sports Gaming: What Is It?

Even if you don’t play games, you should have some knowledge about fantasy gaming. A fantasy game is one that is played online in which participants assemble virtual teams of real-life athletes. The performance of the athlete you have selected for your squad will determine whether you win or lose in the fantasy game. Therefore, you gain points if AB de Villiers scores a century while on your team. Following that, you can receive the incentives straight in your wallet or bank account. But keep in mind, there is a little startup cost that you must pay.

What Percentage of Indians Play Fantasy Games?

The IPL 2021 will be hosted by Dream11, so you can see the scope of fantasy gaming businesses. The majority of people are playing online games as smartphone usage rises. People are drawn to economic benefits as well. In 2014, the revenue was approximately 200 crores, but almost doubled in just four years to reach 438 crores in 2018. It tripled in size in just one year, reaching 920 crores in 2019, and then reached a staggering 2470 crore in 2020. This growth was phenomenal.

These statistics demonstrate how Dream11, MPL, World777, CricPlay, and other market leaders are dominating. In addition, Indians have traditionally loved playing cricket. They have exhibited this affinity in fantasy video games as well. Nearly 71% of Indian gamers, according to a poll by Indiacasinoinfo.com, are fans of cricket. With 54%, football follows suit. Kabaddi occupies third place with 6% of all players thanks to the Pro Kabaddi League, which also attracts Indians to their native sport.

Additionally, it should be noted that 89% of all players use mobile devices. Additionally, you should be aware that only 31% of mobile gamers play games with a sports theme. With over 130 crore people and a phone in each user’s hand, the market is enormous and has significant room for growth.

Is it lawful?

Fantasy gaming is still in its infancy because it is widely regarded as gambling. However, it is completely distinct from gambling, and Indian gambling rules are highly rigorous. Fantasy sports are prohibited in many states, including Assam, Nagaland, Telangana, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. However, these games are solely skill-based.

The user must be aware of the players’ present fitness level, playing positions, weakest opponents, those who let them play freely, favorite playing surfaces, etc. In these games, skill is more important than luck.

What Does the Future of Fantasy Gaming Hold?

There are many fantasy sports businesses operating in India. The industry is poised for a growth as more and more individuals actively participate in fantasy. Fantasy gaming in India is expected to grow significantly in the near future, as seen by these companies’ rising sales.

In India, fantasy sports are becoming more and more popular. This specific sport has proven to be more profitable than before. The enormous fan following of this online gaming shows how captivating it is. In India, there are about 33 million fans of fantasy games. Thus, it is obvious that fantasy gaming have grown to be a significant phenomenon in the nation and are expected to continue to grow quickly as technology develops. Therefore, there is no disputing that fantasy sports has emerged as one of the most popular video games among sports fans.

Indian fantasy sports

Over the past few years, fantasy sports have grown astronomically in India. The numbers show some remarkably positive results. There have been many fantasy sports applications released with extra functionality. Due to the fierce rivalry in the industry, other well-known leagues for certain sports niches, including the Indian Badminton League, Pro Kabaddi2, the ISL football league, and the ICC fantasy cricket league, have debuted. In addition, the expansion in fan groups, merchandise, commercials, and viewing figures all point to fantasy sports’ increasing appeal in India.

Fantasy sports in India going forward

India will be the upcoming fantasy sports hotspot, according to growth data. People need more social ways to participate in their favorite sports because sports excitement is growing daily in this nation. The majority of fantasy games participants are actually avid sports fans who use these virtual internet games to keep up with their favorite teams and athletes.

According to studies, the number of fantasy sports participants is growing by 30 to 50 percent year. Additionally, the fan base is anticipated to surpass 500 million users in the following four years. This expansion can be attributed to Indian youths’ increasing use of the internet. But as technology advances, it is anticipated that the popularity of fantasy games will skyrocket.

The Indian Supreme Court has also approved the legality of this virtual internet gambling. It is now officially acknowledged as a skill-based game as opposed to a chance-based game. The game is legal and not prohibited by the Gaming Enactments, according to Indian law. Indian populace are therefore fervently supporting the game due to its legality and genuineness.

Therefore, it is clear that fantasy sports are at their pinnacle in India if we consider their potential for expansion. And as a result of this enormous expansion, India may be a desirable location for fantasy companies. Particularly, fantasy cricket has a solid track record of growth. The popularity of fantasy cricket has been fueled by well-known cricket leagues like the IPL and ICC leagues. As a result of all these advantageous chances, India is a logical location for fantasy games.

What are the rules of “Fantasy Sports” in India?

The self-regulatory industry body for fantasy sports in India is called the Federation of Indian Fantasy (FIFS)[2]. To safeguard consumer interests and develop best practices for fantasy  in India, FIFS was established. A Charter for Online Fantasy Platforms, published by FIFS, outlines the basic rules for members.

An evaluation and opinion on the proposed contest as a “game of skill” from the Innovation Committee of the FIFS must be obtained and submitted by the Operator before an online fantasy platform (OFSP) is allowed to be considered for approval by the Governing Council. In its recent decision, the Rajasthan High Court noted that 99% of Indians who participate in fantasy sports are handled by the over 35 top corporations that are currently members of FIFS.

The members are required by the charter to get a legal license and authorization before using third-party intellectual property rights, such as player images, photos, trademarks, etc., on their platform. To claim any official affiliation with the governing body, a player, a team, or a competition in any sport, members must get a license and authorisation. The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) principles for self-regulation of the advertisements have also been approved by FIFS.

India’s leading fantasy sports websites

Numerous fantasy sports platforms were in development in India, but Dream11 was the one that became successful and helped spread the sport there. Other apps including MPL, World777, My Team 11, Fancode, Fancy11, Faboom, Fanfight, Guru 11, MPL, and Balle Baazi are vying for attention in a market that is already booming thanks to the influx of new players. The first fantasy sports website to enter the unicorn league in India is Dream 11. They have also been in the lead when it comes to legal actions because there have been numerous lawsuits brought against them, some of which are still outstanding.

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