Give A Wider Accessibility To Zimbra File With Zimbra Converter Tool

Zimbra Converter tool is an efficient software for converting Zimbra TGZ files to different file formats. The software gives wider accessibility to TGZ file by changing them into formats which is compatible with some popular mail clients. By converting email files with this software users can access Zimbra file data in free desktop email clients as well. This software has some strong features that make it a good-to-go tool for professional use. Know more about Zebra converter software and its features here


About Zimbra Converter Tool

Zimbra is a desktop-based email client application. It is an open-source platform that allows users to access emails both offline and online. The email client is a free one and supports many operating systems. It can be installed on Windows OS and other platforms. It supports multiple accounts a single place. The Zimbra suite email client offers all functionalities that normally desktop email clients offer.

Strong Features Of Zimbra Converter Tool

Execute Complete Data Conversion

Zimbra Converter is a comprehensive software that converts entire data to different file formats. By migrating the data from tgz file format to PST, EML, MSG, HTML, and PDF file format, the software makes sure that no data is lost. It has been configured in a way that the user is able to convert hundred percent data with no change in formatting. It works on attachments, text messages, images, meta details, files, folders everything to convert it into a new file format. Zimbra suite has a folder name Briefcase. The purpose of the folder in Zimbra is to save documents and emails in a folder and it can be accessed and shared anywhere. This is a new feature added in Zimbra 5.0. When a user converts a Zimbra file to different file formats, the software also migrates briefcase folder data to Outlook, even though outlook does not have a briefcase folder in it.

Convert Zimbra File To Outlook

The software convert Zimbra file to different file formats and PST is one among them. It converts the entire TGZ file to PST format, which is the file format for Outlook. After saving the file in PST format, the user can access tgz file data in Outlook. The best part about Zimbra converter software is that this software manages the PST size according to the size of the tgz file. If the Zimbra tgz file that the user is converting is large in size, the software break PST into small sizes. The new PST created by software remains accessible in different versions of Outlook. Outlook has limitations for PST size. If the size of the PST file will increase from its maximum limit, then the chances of corruption might occur in the PST file, therefore, it is important for users to keep the size of PST within the limit.

Convert Zimbra File In HTML Format

The Zimbra converter tool allow user to convert and save Zimbra tgz file in HTML format. HTML stand for Hyper Text Makeup Language, this is the kind of formatting. Having email in HTML format means having email detail with a particular formatting along with images. The tool allow users to convert any size of tgz file to HTML format without any data loss. It also allow the user to convert and save file in simple MSG and email format which is accessible on many email clients. After converting the file, the software asks for permission from the user to save the file in a particular format. At this time users have the option to save files in the format of their choice.

Convert File In ICS Format

If anyone wants to access Zimbra email file data in ICS format then the Zimbra converter allows them to do so. The software converts email file data to ICS format and allows users to save it at the desired location. Converting tgz files to ICS format software gives wider accessibility to TGZ files. In this migration as well Zebra, converter software does not change the formatting of data and also keep the folders and attachment in the email file intact.

Allow Selective Conversion

If a user wants to convert only specific data from the tgz file to any other file format, then it is possible to do so with the help of Zimbra converter software. The software allows users to select the folder which they want to migrate to a new file format. There are different options present which allow users to do so. After uploading the file user can select folders within the software that they want to migrate to the new file format. 

Software Work Independently

For converting Zimbra files to any other file formats, the software only needs Zimbra .tgz files, there is no requirement of the Zimbra email client. Similarly, if a user converts and save the file to PSF format, this software does not require Outlook. It will auto migrate the data, however, to access the PST file user has to have an Outlook mailing client.

Easy To Use Software

Zimbra Converter tool is an easy-to-operate software. The user interface of the software is very simple and friendly. A user who is not a very technical sound can also work with it and execute the migration process. The software also has built-in instructions that guide users step by step during the whole conversion process.

Compatible With Windows OS

Zimbra converter software can be installed on any version of Windows OS. It works flawlessly on different versions of Windows and carries on the data migration process without any hiccups.

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