Everything You Should Know About Australian Saddle

If you are keen on horse riding or are a professional horse rider, it is about time you plan to buy an Australian endurance saddle online as they come at reasonable prices and have a lower risk factor. But first, what are Australian saddles? Let us understand that first.

What is an Australian saddle?

You can define the Australian saddle as an amazing modification of traditional English saddles. The makers modified this because there was a requirement for the saddles to sustain on the rugged land. One of the key differences between these saddles from any English saddle is the addition of packed up knee pads, called “poley”.

Similarly, another addition is the over-girth. This facilitates the horse rider to have a tight grip while they ride. You can find many Australian saddles being quite close to the designs of a western saddle. This is because it shares the same feature of deep seating and a high cantle for more secure seating.

When you buy an authentic Australian saddle, you are buying a saddle that makers have handcrafted with a minimum training of 5 years. Moreover, just like a custom made western saddle, it takes as long as 40 hours to complete these types of saddles, which is why we can say these are a piece of art. This is because makers put a great deal of care and attention into the process of building the saddle.

A good Australian saddle maker takes pride in their work, as they use top-quality tanned leather from a reputable source such as the US or New Zealand.

Originally, makers designed the Australian saddle for the rough terrain of the Outback as chasing cattle for long hours on horseback needed a secure, close contact saddle that would last for a long time without damage to the horse or rider’s backs.

Now that we know what Australian saddles are let us see who can use them.

Who can use an Australian saddle?

Usually, it is quite a popular choice among female horse riders. However, it is a saddle for everyone. If you are someone who is planning to buy a saddle first, Australian is something you must buy first. People worldwide use the Australia-based saddles and, most commonly, women and new horse riders. Secure seating is one of the reasons why people use it.

Now, let us walk through if these saddles are comfortable for horse riding.

Are Australian saddles comfortable for horse riding?

You might think Australian saddle is amazingly comfortable just for the horse rider. But, contrary to what people believe, they are also very comfortable with the horse. Of all the saddles out there, Australian saddles are the most comfortable. When you want to ride for rides that will last for a long time, an Australian saddle should be your first choice.

These are some of the things you should know about Australian saddles.


In the last 150 years, the Australian endurance saddles have undergone a massive evolution. It was first modelled on the English style that featured a knee roll at the front and a deep comfortable seat to help the rider grip the saddle. However, as people’s demands are increasing for riders and horses by Australia’s rugged conditions, saddle makers have started increasing the knee rolls and made different shapes in order to hold the rider in place. We hope this blog helped you gain insight into saddles.

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