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All India Students Database

We’ve got a database that’s perfect for any project, so whether you’re looking to reach college students, high school students, or parents of children in school, we have the perfect solution. With over 20 million records from across the country. We have the names and contact information of every kind of person. You could want to market to students, teachers, and parents alike and our all india Student Data Management Services will allow you to make the most of it.

Email data is a huge asset for every business that needs to communicate with customers. The problem is that data is not a big deal for businesses or huge data about your customers is generally not that available. Most companies are left without access to email data. There are a multitude of email database providers for a company to choose from but which one should a company choose?

Our perfect data

Not only is our data large and specific, but it’s completely trustworthy. For over 15 years we’ve worked hard to provide accurate information to businesses. Our experience means you don’t need to worry about verifying or amending any of our records they can be trusted implicitly. From voter lists, to employment statistics and student email marketing services – our information is dependable and valuable.

If you’re looking to reach and engage with students, you’ve come to the right place. We have the perfect data to help with your next project, whether it be for targeting outreach or for content marketing for students. It’s easy to work with us. Our All India Students Database includes details like name, city, state, emails and of more than 20 million students from India. Who are interested in education-related topics. As they were all contacted during our educational survey project that ran across urban and rural India earlier this year.

All India Students Database

We offer services to help our clients with student-related operations and ensure that we always provide high-quality services to them. We and work in combination with their databases to locate people within the system and match them to jobs.

Student Email Marketing Services

We have a large list of student email IDs, which are all verified. With an email marketing campaign, you can reach out to a huge number of audience and create awareness about your products and services. We can help you find emails by their interests and deliver your message to their inboxes. Since we have verified records of students from different parts of India. It will be easy for us to target a particular state or region.

Extensive information on students:

If you are interested in reaching out to students, then our All India Students Database is an ideal choice. It gives access to over 20 million student email IDs and phone numbers—all in one place. You can reach them through their phones or emails. That’s not all: we provide you with additional information on gender, state, year of study, and college name and city. This will allow you to reach your target audience without fail.

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