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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Marketplace Business

In terms of a marketplace, you could say that it is an exchange where sellers come together to offer their goods to their buyers.

In a sense the platform connects the best vendors and appropriate customers. Marketplace companies have been among the top well-known companies in recent times.

The top ecommerce marketplaces are different from traditional stores, so it is important to not confuse them. They can help you face everyday challenges online and keep up with global trends.

If you’re planning to launch a marketplace-based company, we’d be happy to help you through our advice.

Why are Marketplaces so in Favor Nowadays?

The benefits of having a business on the internet are highly beneficial to both sellers as well as buyers. Marketplaces are extremely convenient for buyers.

Market selling can be described as a method that lets you shop from a variety of sources.

It makes it much easier to market the product. It also assists in keeping on top of the budget. When you are considering starting a business on the marketplace it is important to be aware of these points in your mind.

Technology Selection

Your online market partly depends on the internet platform you use to build it.

Because an online marketplace is designed to serve both sellers and buyers we recommend you choose an efficient and easy-to-use platform for your business based on your budget, your technological capabilities and long-term goals.

The most efficient option that we suggest is to design an entirely new marketplace that is tailored to your specific business model and needs.

Your goal should be to keep everything easy, efficient and automated. You can do this by setting up your online marketplace using an individual platform that will expand as you progress.

Choosing your Niche

It is essential to identify a specific niche that you have researched and stick to it for a period of time before moving onto another. 

One of the reasons for successful online marketplaces is the fact that they are able to cater to a specific area to meet the requirements of both the sellers and buyers.

Think of an online marketplace such as Houzz that focuses primarily on interior designers as well as house decor. Similar to that, Airbnb is a marketplace for vacation rentals that are short-term. 

It is possible to have a wide perspective however, you should remember to begin by taking small steps and progressing slowly.

What you offer on your online marketplace or the target market you are targeting can play a significant role.

If you don’t have a specific niche there will be no focus or direction and are likely to fail and so it is essential to identify your area of focus and stick to it throughout the entire process.

Focus on your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

It’s fine to have a high goal and make a list of numerous bells and whistles, but it’s not possible to create a large platform within a few weeks.

Instead, you need to develop your platform step-by-step beginning by creating an MVP or minimum viable product, also known as an MVP in short.

Rapid changes in market dynamics, the online trends and the shortened time between interactions it’s not feasible to invest massive sums in establishing the platform in just six months, only to finish with no customers.

That’s why we suggest creating your MVP or a functional prototype for your marketplace before accelerating speed to market to see how customers react.

Typically an operational marketplace MVP can take between two and three months to create and will cost about $4000-$8000 depending on the amount of processes, features, and design options.

Create something that your customers would be delighted to engage with and be able to pay for and use their initial feedback and reviews to plan a way to scale it up.

Organized your Budget for the Marketplace Business

Similar to other companies, creating or operating an online marketplace will require some investments in order to start, however, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money hiring internal developers and management experts.

Instead, you could outsource to an established and well-known company such as SkyQuest to get offshore dedicated personnel at a fraction of the amount you’d spend on hiring designers and developers from countries like the USA, UK, or Europe.

The most important aspects of your budget for your business’s marketplace are likely to consist of:

Cost of the Platform

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll need to create an entirely custom-built marketplace platform which requires an investment of a minimum of one-time in order to develop a core product at the beginning and then iterating and improving it over a lengthy time frame that is further broken into costs per resource and is distributed by monthly installments of a small amount typically.

Acquiring Vendors & Merchants

Once you’ve launched an initial version of your marketplace online, you’ll require merchants to offer their services or products.

In the beginning, you can begin inviting vendors and sellers directly to them through email and calls. You can help them create their profile and begin trading on the marketplace.

The other option is to invest a small amount for targeted advertising on the internet via Facebook as well as Google. It is essential to make the most effective utilization of content marketing, inbound marketing or both to accelerate your customer acquisition on the vendor’s side.

Landing Customers 

Unfortunately, many consultants and agencies claim that when you begin to launch, customers will be arriving automatically on your site. But the truth is quite the opposite.

You must be able to have a solid marketing strategy to follow that will draw new customers in to nurture them and turn them into loyal customers.

In today’s highly competitive online world the ability to grow completely organically from sources such as Content marketing or SEO by itself requires a lot of time and energy.

This is the reason we suggest creating a budget aside to spend each month on online ads when you write content, and work on SEO.

There is no need to invest thousands of dollars at the beginning. A little as $500 per month can bring in a decent amount of traffic and buyers to your site, If you take care to do it right yourself.

Focus on Results of the Online Marketplace

Then ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish? What are your short- and long-term objectives with the project?

It could be that you want to create a platform that can help local businesses get more leads each month, or perhaps you are looking to gain a client base to advertise a different product that is already in place.

Whatever your objective, you must concentrate on the results of your marketplace business and ensure it is beneficial to both sellers as well as buyers.

The principal purpose of any marketplace online is to link buyers and sellers in an area to sell products or services. 

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