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5 Best Shawarma Places In Islamabad

Shawarma is the food that gives us the strength to cope with the bad days in our life. Packed with flavors of spices and grilling chicken, shawarma is something that can instantly comfort your stomach and dissolve all your stress. We all have different expectations from a shawarma place but the one thing that everyone is looking for is an affordable price tag.

Here are the 5 best shawarma places in Islamabad

  1. Bait Shawarma 
  2. The Syrian Shawarma Guys
  3. Syrian Shawarma
  4. Arz Lebanon Restaurant
  5. Al-Beirut Lebanese Cuisine

Bait Shawarma Islamabad

The shawarma filling at Bait Shawarma is an absolute delight. Serving size, the right balance between ingredients, the kinds of ingredients, and the right combination of spices make the shawarma wraps at this place something, you’ll remember for a long time. In addition to the Shawarma wraps, they also have some other interesting items on their menu like Shawarma fries which are equally delicious.


1. Shawarma: 340/-

2. Shawarma Platter; 390/-

3. Shawarma Fries; 280/-

The Syrian Shawarma Guys Islamabad

There are a lot of shawarma shops available in the twin cities but if you want to try something out-of-the-box then give The Syrian Shawarma Guys a shot. They are famous because they serve shawarmas that have a perfect blend of spices and herbs inside them which make them taste heavenly. If you start eating their bread, it will be difficult for you to stop.


1. Shish Taouk Shawarma; 450/-

2. Syrian Shawarma Sarookh; 450/-

3. Shish Loaded Fries; 450/-

Syrian Shawarma

Many restaurants in Islamabad claim to have the best shawarmas, but Syrian Shawarma is one of the few places that can stay true to its claims. Shawarma has been the most popular item on the menu. There are different types of sauces used in the process of making shawarma like tahini, garlic paste, and chili to name a few. The meat is served over a flatbread and is eaten with salads. The shawarma offered by this place has a Pakistani touch to it in terms of the ingredients and spices used and that’s what makes it special. Whether you go for chicken shawarma or beef shawarma, the meat is properly shredded and is mixed with sauces and vegetables.


1. Chicken Shish Taouk; 390/-

2. Beef Shawarma; 720/-

3. Chicken Shawarma; 390/-

Arz Lebanon Restaurant

If you are looking for a unique blend of Lebanese and Syrian food, Arz Lebanon Restaurant in Islamabad is the perfect stop for you. This family-oriented restaurant has been in operation for over 30 years now. Apart from their great food, this restaurant offers a variety of entertainment options like live music every weekend. If you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life and relax while eating mouthwatering Lebanese food, then this place is just right for you.


1. Chicken Shawarma; 500/-

2. Meat Shawarma; 600/-

Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine

Step into Al Beirut Lebanese Restaurant and let the waiter know that you’re a fan of Arabic cuisine. He will give you a smile that shows his appreciation and provides you with an Arabic coffee to help you enjoy your food. Next, order Hummus with pine nuts and olives and zaatar rice if you have a strong appetite. If not, you can always go for shawarmas like Falafel, Muleekh, or Kabab with your choice of fries or soda.


1. Chicken Shawarma Wrap; 490/-

2. Beef Shawarma Wrap; 600/-

3. Chicken Shawarma Platter; 650/-

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