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Benefits of using food transportation companies

Why hire a reliable food transport company?

If you are looking to transport groceries, it is a good idea to hire a reputable food transport company. Here we will look at the main reasons to hire an experienced and reliable company.

Why choose only reliable food transport companies?

Food transport companies offer good conditions:

Proper Temperature Tracking: When you use a reliable food transportation services company, you don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations in transit. Indeed, these reputable companies have systems in place that continuously and automatically monitor the temperature of the cargo during transport. The system also alerts the driver if the temperature deviates from the desired range.

Transit Tracking: Truck loading and food transport companies also use tracking systems to monitor the transit route of the vehicle in real time. This way it is easier to estimate the delivery schedule and extract other relevant location information.

Compliance with protocols: In addition to ensuring the correct transit of goods, it is also important to respect the protocols relating to the loading and unloading of goods. Experienced food transport companies ensure that these protocols are followed during loading and unloading.

Using the services of experts has other advantages:

Excellent network: Reputable food transport companies have a strong network for shipping to other countries. The presence of such a network contributes to the timely delivery of goods to their destination. The network also makes it easy to track cargo, no matter where it is in the world.

Certification Needed: Industry certification is a valuable asset for freight and food transportation companies. For example, reputable companies have Partners in Protection (or PIP) certification. This certification aims to secure the commercial chain, eliminate smuggling and strengthen border security. If a food transport company has PIP certification, it shows that it adheres to the highest safety standards.

Unique Capabilities: Experts use telematics for real-time tracking and monitoring of cargo location and temperature. Reputable companies also use advanced systems to adjust the temperature remotely when the need arises. Experienced food transporters use the latest technology, such as collision avoidance, to keep their vehicles a safe distance from other vehicles.

Advanced Features: Using advanced features is a specialty of reputable food transportation companies. One such feature is electronic stability control, which helps their vehicles avoid rollovers and crashes. These companies also use food grade tanks and equipment to ensure hygienic conditions are maintained at all times.

LTL Transport Consolidation

Distribution of the reserve

Previously, food shippers had to contact a freight forwarding company separately

when there was a need to ship products from one location to another. However, the situation changes when recourse is had to the distribution in reserve. In this case, shippers send their products to a consolidation center and,

in this center, the loads are consolidate into a single shipment.

Even when shippers ship their goods to separate locations, it becomes possible to share the expenses for the longest part of the transit to achieve significant savings.

Retail Consolidation

It is common for many shippers to ship their goods to the same grocery and retail chains. Recognizing this fact, 3PL agencies specializing in food logistics use transportation software to review all open orders, compare their destination points and arrival dates.

Such analysis helps 3PL providers load a single truck with orders from multiple vendors, when the retailer is the same. This way, shippers benefit from reduced costs through consolidation and time savings and, at the same time, retailers receive the same volume freight as before.

Cost reduction

Another benefit of third party logistics or 3PL is that it allows shippers to split freight expenses among themselves. Additionally, it is estimated that shippers can achieve nearly 35% cost savings by using third party logistics compare to shipments that are not consolidate.

The analysis also shows that the most expensive kilometers tend to be the first fifty and the last fifty and that retail.

LTL transport proves to be expensive since in this type of transport there are multiple stops at the first and last kilometer. With LTL consolidation, it becomes possible to combine multiple loads to create low-cost, direct shipments.

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