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How to Setup Arlo Camera and Troubleshoot Arlo Camera Offline or Arlo Login Issue

Arlo Login issue is the most common problem faced by Arlo users. There can be many causes behind Arlo login issue such as incorrect email address and password, internet-related problems, and connectivity issues. If you are also facing an Arlo login issue then there may be an issue with your account or you forgot your password.

Here are some of the reasons behind the Arlo login issue:

  • Invalid username and password
  • Expired Arlo account
  • Improper internet connection
  • Inactive Arlo camera
  • Outdated web browser or Arlo app
  • Incompatible web browser with the Arlo app or website

Steps to troubleshoot Arlo login Issue:

Step 1

If you are not able to login to your Arlo account, then make sure that you have entered the correct email address and password.

Step 2

You are still facing issues with Arlo login Issue, then check if you have enabled cookies of your web browser. If not then enable it and then try to access your account again.

Step 3

Arlo uses JavaScript for the enhanced functionality of its website. Make sure that the JavaScript is enabled in your web browser. If not, then enable it and then try to login into your Arlo account.

Steps to Setup Arlo Camera:

Before you start the Arlo Setup process, make sure that you have the following things with you:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • A computer or mobile device with an up-to-date web browser installed in it
  • Smartphone with the Arlo app installed in it
  • An email address to create your Arlo account

Here you can see how to Setup Arlo Camera.

Step 1: Download & Install the Arlo Application

Step 2: Connect Your Camera to Arlo App

Step 3: Setup Your Base Station

Step 4: Add Devices to Your Network

Step 5: Configure Your Camera

Arlo Camera Offline:

Generally, the Arlo camera offline issue occurs due to the following reasons:

  1. Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
  2. Outdated firmware and software of your Arlo device.
  3. Faulty battery or charging issues with Arlo camera.
  4. Outdated firmware of your base station.
  5. Incompatible mobile application installed on your device.
  6. No internet connection
  7. Broken cables or loose connections
  8. The camera is not set up properly

Troubleshooting Arlo Camera Offline

Step 1: Need to check if there is an issue with the router because if there is an issue with the router then you would not be able to access your Arlo camera. Check if there is an issue with the router or not.

Step 2: Now restart your Arlo camera by pressing the sync button on your camera till it doesn’t power off. Press and hold the sync button on your Arlo camera till it doesn’t blink green light, and then leave it when it starts blinking green light.

Step 3: When you have multiple cameras, then perform a factory reset on all cameras by pressing and holding the sync button for about 10 seconds till all LEDs start blinking amber color. 

Preferably, you will become aware of how to Setup Arlo Camera and fix the Arlo camera offline, login issue.

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