Why Choose Deep Wave Hair Over Other Hair?

Deep wave hair is trendy, fashionable, and looks extremely feminine, because of their defined tightly closed coils.  But many times, when people go for sew-in hair extensions, they get confused about which hair extension they should go for. Well, if you are also facing the same kind of confusion, this blog is meant for you. 

So scroll the feed below to see and clarify why you should choose deep wave sew-in hair extensions with comparison.

Deep Wave Sew-In Hair Extensions Qualities

Firstly let us look at the qualities of deep wave sew-in hair extensions alone to know why this texture is so unique and special.

Fashionable Texture

The deep wave is very trendy and looks modern. They manage to give depth and character to your hair with your solid, defined curls that always look prepped up. Also, they are ranked as the fashionable hair textures of this decade because of their quirky and fuller hair look.

Easy Maintenance

Deep wave hair is very easy to maintain because you need not care about keeping them blunt straight like straight hair, nor do you have to sweat about keeping the curls intact because it has free flow curls that do not need specific shape. This way, maintaining the texture and its original state becomes convenient. Also, they do not tangle as compared to curly hair extensions.

Fuller Looking Hair


Deep Wave Hair
Deep Wave Hair


The deep wave hair has very defined curls like tightly coiled waves that give the illusion of fuller volume, and because of this, even if you put around three bundles, you can get full head coverage. They make your hair look heavy and voluminous.

In the section below, let us compare each hair texture with deep wave hair.

Straight Hair Vs. Deep Wave Hair

The straight hair does not have any bends in them and looks flat. They are good to carry if you want to create a sleek look, but if you are interested in having hair that looks sleek as well as glamorous, at the same time, deep wave hair extensions should be your choice. The curl bends in your deep wave hair give depth because the hair volume looks more, whereas even if you wear around five bundles of straight hair, they will still look thinner in hair density.

Also, when it comes to maintenance, if you buy virgin hair extensions, both will be able to bounce back to their old texture; however, the straight hair still might get little curls or bends in them, which need to be straightened with heat styling but that is not the case with deep wave hair extension


Curly Hair Vs. Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave hair
Deep wave hair


The curly hair has sharp bent angles that form the coils and sometimes become difficult to maintain because they tend to react frizzy with the moisture. On the other hand, if you go with deep wave hair, they give the illusion of curls from a distance, and still, frizz resistance is much better than the original curl hair texture. Also, curly hair tangles more than deep wave hair, which gives the user difficulty in managing the former.


Kinky Afro Hair Vs. Deep Wave Hair

Kinky Afro hair is a very bold texture that comes in sharp Z-shaped bent angles that give heavy volume. Though they look very bold, their maintenance is equally difficult because it sometimes becomes hectic to keep up with the texture and luster of the extension.

These extensions need to be of shorter length because they are very difficult to maintain, and secondly, you have to take care of them post washing to bounce back in the same texture with the same luster and kinky curls. Whereas, if you go for deep wave hair extensions, you still manage to make a bold statement but save yourself from this hectic procedure. Also, if you buy Afro Kinky hair from good brands like Indique, they look like natural hair, but it isn’t easy to find a subtle, natural-looking luster in these textures generally. But, that is not a problem with deep wave hair extensions.

Best Brands Offering Deep Wave Hair 

Now, if you have the clarity why deep wave hair extension is the best of all, let’s look at the best brands that provide these in premium quality for the most natural, realistic appearance.

  • Indique Hair

Indique Hair
Indique Hair


Indique’s premium virgin human hair extensions are sourced ethically from south east Asia and India. Indique hair offers healthy and fine quality hair. They have deep wave hair extensions available in different varieties, ranging from clip-ins to sew-in hair extensions. The brand offers different length ranges and comes in different varieties with multiple cost variations.  Users can choose the ones that suit them best.

  • Kinkistry Extensions

Primarily dealing in curly hair extensions, this brand also provides good quality deep wave hair extensions with metal-free clips for an easy installation experience. They hold a clientele of high prestigious Hollywood celebrities like Bella Hadid and Jlo.

  • True Indian Hair

The hair is sourced from Brazil and Indian temples. This brand offers good-quality deep wave hair extensions. They primarily deal in closures and offer virgin bouncy deep wave curly texture.

If you are in the mood to switch your hairstyle, there is nothing better than deep wave sew in hair extensions. The reasons above show a complete clean comparison of why they are better than others, and if you are looking for a look change without any hassles, this is a must-pick.

You can shop from any of the brands mentioned above for a good experience but if you want to assure yourself with lightweight and versatility offering extensions with easy maintenance, go for Indique. Also save big during our Summer Sale: 20% off all collections, plus use your Indique Rewards to save even more! Hurry now, you don’t want to miss this sale.

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