What Can I Use in Place of Wood Cladding?

If you don’t want to utilize wood cladding, there are a variety of different cladding solutions. Composite cladding is one such alternative. Aside from composite cladding, PVC and aluminum cladding are other options. These clad materials are superior to wood clad and can be used in place of it.

Why Isn’t Wood Cladding Enough?

Wood cladding is a popular choice for this. Træbeklædning was used by homeowners long before other cladding materials were introduced. The goal of adding cladding to your home’s external wall is to create an extra layer of protection. Wood cladding protects your house’s walls from dampness and insulates them effectively. Furthermore, wood clad keeps moisture out of your property. That is the positive aspect of wood clad.

Wood Cladding

Wood cladding has drawbacks as well. Termites are attracted to wood cladding that has been exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. Insects will be able to devour your wood clad until it is completely destroyed. Moisture can rot your wood cladding if insects do not eat it. Excess water in the air is quickly absorbed by timber cladding. Wood cladding will swell or expand as a result of this. Your wood cladding may deteriorate as a result of this. Your cladding can shrink or shatter if it dries too rapidly. 

wood cladding

Another disadvantage of wood cladding is the need for maintenance. This is due to the fact that wood cladding is difficult to maintain. To make the wood cladding last for a long period, you must stain or paint it. Also, before painting or staining the clad, sand the surface with sandpaper to smooth it out. Maintaining your wood clad is tough, and on top of that, it will take up a lot of your time. These are the reasons why wood clad is inadequate, and why homeowners are looking for an alternative to wood clad.

Materials for Cladding that can replace Wood Composite Cladding

This is a tough and long-lasting clad material that may take the place of wood. Composite cladding is gaining popularity among homeowners since it not only protects their homes from moisture, but it also enhances their appearance. Unlike wood, which is mostly made out of wood, composite cladding is made up of wood fiber and plastic. Composite clad is insect-resistant since it is made up of a combination of wood and plastic. Insects may ruin composite clad because they feed on wood rather than plastic.

This is because the surface of the Kompositbeklædning is coated with plastic, which protects the wooden component from assault. Aside from that, when the temperature changes, the composite cladding will not split or break. In addition, unlike wood, composite clad does not distort or break as a result of moisture absorption. You can simply maintain your composite clad. In contrast to wood clad, which requires sanding, staining, and painting, composite clad does not. If you wish to clean your composite clad, you may do it using a towel or a brush.

Wood Composite Cladding

Another advantage of composite clad over wood clad is that it is more aesthetically pleasant. As previously said, composite clad does more than only protect your home’s outside walls. Composite clad enhances the appearance of your property and makes it more appealing. You may choose from a variety of composite clad colors. Composite clad boards come in grey, brown, anthracite grey, and black colors. One advantage of composite clad is that the surface pigment or color does not fade as soon as the color of wood clad. Because your composite cladding will endure a long period, the color of your clad will also stay a long time. As a result, composite clad is a preferable alternative to wood clad.

PVC Cladding 

PVC beklædning is another option for clad that may be used instead of wood. This cladding material is entirely made of plastic. PVC cladding, like composite clad, will keep moisture out of your home’s exterior walls. PVC cladding will also improve the cosmetic value of your property. Cleaning your PVC clad is simple and may be done with a damp towel. You may also use a hose to spray your PVC cladding.

Aluminum Cladding 

Aluminium cladding is another type of clad that you may use to cover your house’s exterior walls. This cladding material is made of metal and is extremely durable. Another advantage of aluminum cladding is that it does not require the same level of upkeep as wood cladding.


You can use a variety of clad materials instead of wood clad. Composite clad is one of them. This long-lasting and sturdy cladding material is both easy to maintain and attractive.

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