Wearable App Development: Benefits and challenges

Continuously expanding the world reflects the benefits we are gaining from technology. As you can see, artificial intelligence has simplified our life. From the mug of coffee to the switching lights off, people are experiencing the ease of living. So, keep your position on the advanced level offered by devices that your time is essential.

Benefits offered by technology are the significant reason for the gradual increase in customer demand. Wearable App Development is the new face of technological advancement. The wearables market is redirecting the mobile applications onto the bodies of users. Now a user and its device will quickly transform the daily activities. Mobile app development companies and device manufacturers are building a highly functional phase of

The wearable market is now able to keep on advancing, offering modern devices and highly-functional wearable apps to customers. Wearable belongs to devices that are exclusively used by special forces, business persons, military, and health care professionals. The first device was introduced as a smartwatch in the decade of wearable usage. As a result, the wearable device market has reached a high-tech niche where Watches, Fitness trackers, Hearables, Smart clothing, Glasses, Smart Jewellery, Wearable cameras, Body sensors, etc.

Like other pendants or bracelets, wearables are jewellery, from fitness tracking to boosting game experience. Wearables are a substantial part of the technological world and introduce an intelligent world of accessibility. If you deep dive into the wearables app industry, people are improving their sleeping, drinking, eating, and general habits with wearables.

Wearables have transformed business and marketing. Let us understand this concept with the help of a case study. This case study will show how a company that has nothing to do with technology is seeking new opportunities now.

Wearable App Development to Explore the Local Real Estate Market

A Canada-based real estate company asked a mobile app development company to simplify the property sell and purchase experience. 

They came up with a wearable app that serves a simplified version of the mobile application allowing numerous buyers to search areas, call agents, monitor favorites, browse property in 360 degrees. 

While walking down the way, you can scan property to upload the images of your property to sell and check if the property is on sale. Then, when you have the app on your watch, you can contact directly or by phone. 

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology is the device’s name that users can wear like accessories. There are now implantable also into the body. High tech textile and fashion industries make device embedded costumes that represent the fantastic fusion of technology and apparel. The most popular Wearable App Development of today’s generation is smartwatches, fitness bands, smart glasses, etc.

According to the statistical data, wearables have increased from 325 to 722 million between 2016 and 2019. It has been expected to grow up to one billion by the end of 2022. Just the wait of 5G technology in some Asian countries for this evolution.

Why do we need wearable technology?

The Revolution of this industry began a few years ago when Apple introduced the iWatch that turned intelligent devices into the era overnight. Then it faced technically challenging tasks every day. Since then, the ongoing demand for wearables has led to the growth trajectory for wearable app development and design.

Whether the Wearable App Development is incorporated into clothes purpose is just the same as getting a device helpful along in a hands-free, permanent, portable, and convenient way. But, again, this access brings benefits to the people we will discuss ahead.

Benefits of wearables for different industries

Smartwatches, fitness bands, and other wearables will not stop gaining popularity because it has reasons. Currently, three major industries are utilizing wearables so well. These industries are healthcare, gaming, and fashion. So, let’s go through the significant benefits of wearables now.

Wearable devices in healthcare

Wireless medical sensors monitor health and body condition with higher accuracy. As a result, medical staff can stay connected and coordinate accordingly. As a result, one can achieve its fitness goals faster and get satisfying results with less effort.

Wearable gaming technology

Wearables are improving the gaming experience utmost. For instance, you can see the hearable sand the VR headset used for technology for the theatre experience. This is going to grow given a Real-world gaming experience.

Wearables in fashion

Intelligent devices have also taken place in the fashion industry to create innovative apparel. Smart garments and ornaments are examples of brilliant fashion, combining technology and aesthetics. In addition, USB devices are helpful to charge your phone anytime, anywhere.

Challenges in wearable app development

Apart from the benefits, wearable app development has challenges. Because in this emerging world, researchers continuously evolve cutting-edge technologies to introduce the best experience every time. Let’s look over those challenges that mobile app development companies will have to overcome.

  • Battery issues
  • User interface
  • Privacy and security
  • Functionality
  • Regular updates
  • multi-platform support
  • Tethered devices

All connected devices can benefit from sharing data and networks. In addition, developers can improve the battery issue and security by taking care of functions and cloud integration during wearable app development.


Wearable technology deals with the equally significant challenges between our connection with technology. From the case study mentioned in the above blog, this is clear that you also can get the best way of engaging your clients with the business. To get detailed information about the approach, reach out to the renowned wearable app development company.

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