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What is CA?

Chartered Accountancy is stated to be the hardest route and is taken into consideration as one of the maximum paying professions. Also, as we recognize, the call for a CA career is pretty excellent in each public and personal corporation in India. It is a perfect professional route for college kids who are very inquisitive about fields like accounting and tax, as all of us recognize that the CA route is a hard, promising, and hard professional option. It ought to be saved in thought that this route calls for at least five years and there is lots of opposition in this field. So, in case you are inclined to select your profession as a CA, you need to be prepared to commit a maximum of it slowly in the direction of your education. Dedication and excellent steering are needed to crack the CA examination. overall Candidates, like several of you, are the destiny of Chartered Accountants of our country. Hence, it’s essential to get great steering and help from the great training facilities in Delhi to turn out to be an excellent and a hit CA. Now I think, you do not want to waste it slow in locating a great training middle for you. Instead, we’ve accomplished all of the studies for you, a good way to quickly solve all of your doubts. To get admission to CA, joining a foundation is the first step as you know which faculty are good in CA foundation coaching near me, this information list gives you a list that helps you a lot.

About CA Foundation Course:

The first level of the CA course to become a Chartered Accountant is the CA Foundation course. The CA Foundation exams are conducted twice a year, in May and November, by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). CA Foundation Coaching Near aMe can be taken even after 10th exam.


Students have to pay a total of Rs. 10900 for CA Foundation course in 2022. This includes Rs. 9200 Registration Fee, Rs. 1500 exam fee and an optional Rs. Magazine Subscription 200. CA Foundation Coaching Near Me, It is important to note that the entire fee must be paid online.

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To apply for the Chartered Accountancy programme, candidates must pass the CA Foundation Coaching Near Me /  test, which is a national level examination. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India administers the test twice a year. The aim of the exam is to prepare and certify candidates for the position of Chartered Accountant.

To avoid application rejection, candidates must know the eligibility requirements before submitting for the CA Foundation exam.

Let’s take a closer look at the CA Foundation eligibility requirements.

ICAI standards for CA educational qualifications are:

Candidates can apply for CA Foundation exam if they have passed class 10 exam administered by state or federal government board or equivalent exam. However, these applicants can enroll in the temporary program only, which will become regular if they clear their class 12 exams.
Candidates can apply for the CA Foundation exam regardless of whether they are in class 12 or have already cleared the exams.
Candidates can apply for the CA Foundation exam if they have completed class 12 with at least 50 percent.

Exemption for exams:

ICAI has introduced exemptions for some candidates and they do not have to take the CA Foundation exam. Instead, they can apply separately for the second level CA Intermediate course.

Candidates with an aggregate of 55 per cent in the commerce stream from recognized undergraduate or postgraduate degrees or equivalent
Postgraduate or undergraduate students who have graduated from the Open University.
Candidates who have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a subject other than business. Must graduate from a reputed university with a grade point average of at least 60 percent or equivalent.
CA Foundation Coaching Near Me  SUBJECTS:-
Paper-1: Principles and Practice of Accountancy
Paper-2: Commercial Laws and Commercial Correspondence and Reporting
Paper 3: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics
Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Business Knowledge

How can Studybytech help students choose the best coaching?
Search for CA Foundation Coaching nearby:

You can search for CA Foundation Coaching Near Me based on your location, popularity, ratings and reviews on Studybytes.
You can get all the coaching near me information like its address, phone number, email and website which makes it easy to choose the best ca Foundation coaching near me for students.
Tips for CA Foundation Students:
Course revision
We always get used to marking all areas.
Which are difficult to understand and areas that are important to investigate, for future revisions.
After you complete your course and try to practice also, MTP, RTP and previous year questions.
Now open your book courses again and revise all the marked things again.
The main goal should be 3 revisions before exams.
Positive attitude
We should all strive in the right way and not lose hope/positive attitude. All efforts are double if done with a positive attitude.

Prepare your own notes

As we all know at the last moment before the exam we can not revise the entire CA Final syllabus but if you have prepared your own notes while your preparation they can help you to recall the important topics and questions before exams. This is the main reason why students are advise to make their own handwritten notes so they can revise through them just before the examination.

Study Intelligently

In CA preparation hard work and smart works go parallel and when you have such a short time for revision you have to study intelligently. Start your revision with those subjects in which you are best and those who have you prepared so many times. By this, you will revise those subjects strongly and they will not take too much time. Then go for the difficult one and in the last the simple and easy topic. but we know there are no easy topics in CA Final syllabus. Hence divide your curriculum smartly to Revise for CA Final exams.

Solve RTPs and MTPs

When are in a situation where exams are too close and you have such a short time the Mock test papers, Revision Test papers and Past year exams paper play an important role in your revision? Solving MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs boost your confidence and skills in taking the exam. It helps you to evaluate yourself and check where you stand in your preparation. By solving these papers you get an idea about the pattern of CA final exams.

Make Proper Time Table

It will be your biggest mistake if you start your preparation without any proper study timetable. Once you follow this you will find yourself in a situation where you have spent most of the time on just 1 or 2 subjects and there are many subjects are on the list. SO don’t do this mistake and on the first day of your preparation make a timetable according to your syllabus and divide every subject according to the weightage, so you can manage your study time.

Give equal focus on Theory and practical

It is very important to focus on both theory and practical. In your preparation don’t take the theory for the

entire day because reading theory part-whole day will become boring and you will lose your concentration and start feeling

exhausted and sleepy. so don’t do this prepare for both. Manage your timetable in a certain way that half of your day gives to the theory part and the rest of the half-day to the practical part. By this, you will prepare for both.

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