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Tips for keeping upholstery clean

The upholstery, armrests, and decorative cushions that keep you and your family comfortable are the areas of the home that need the most vacuuming. Not surprisingly, it’s the upholstery that needs the most attention. But it’s also the part of the house that gets the least attention. Allergies are not unknown to many of us. But the environment is not the only cause of sneezing and watery eyes. In the average Australian home, pollution levels are twice as high as outside.

We sit on our sofas and couches every day, but how often do we think to clean them? Dust and dirt particles can settle on these surfaces and penetrate deep into the fibers if not cleaned properly. Consider a fabric protector for furniture. This product prevents stains from appearing and allows them to penetrate deep into the fibers of the upholstery.

Here are some handy tips to help you keep your upholstery clean (in between professional cleanings, of course!).

Intensive vacuuming.

Regular vacuuming will get rid of cat hair, dirt, and germs that can stain your beautiful upholstery, armrests, cushions, and more. No matter what material your sofa is made of, regular maintenance will help keep it in top condition. Vacuuming is a daily and thorough task. For example, don’t just vacuum the surface of the cushions. You can use attachments such as removable brushes to get into the cracks and clean them thoroughly. If you’re too busy to do it yourself, delegate vacuuming upholstery as an extracurricular activity to your teenager and reward him or her at the end of the week for a job well done.

Put pillow covers in the dryer

Here’s a quick tip to keep your beautiful pillow covers in tip-top shape. Many furniture owners make the mistake of only caring about their upholstery and not paying attention to its care. Putting your cushions in the dryer is not only a quick way to get rid of dust. It’s also a smart way to give them a fluffy look!

Get a cover or armrest

If you suffer from unmanageable stains every week, it’s a good idea to protect your furniture with a cover. Head to your local department stores and choose from a variety of brands, colors, and prints that match your decor.

Check for stains daily and treat spills immediately

No matter how clean your home is, stains are inevitable. But if it gets on your chair, you need to clean it immediately. You don’t need to use expensive cleaning products to fix the problem immediately. For most stains and soils, common household remedies will suffice. Mix 1 quart of warm water with 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of ammonia, and ¼ cup of liquid or powdered detergent. Apply a small amount of the suds to the affected area and wipe it off with a damp towel. Keep away from the family until it is dry.

Get the experts involved

If home remedies aren’t enough, consult a Clean Couches Sydney expert. They can quickly solve the problem and return your home to a healthy, happy, stain-free state.

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