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The Ultimate Guide to Cable Management Bars


Don’t let your cords control you! With Cable Management Bars, it’s possible to keep all of your wires and cables in order without having to deal with tangled knots or excess wire spools taking up space on your desk. Here’s everything you need to know about Cable Management Bars: why they’re so important, what features are important to look for, and how to use them properly.

What is a Cable Management Bar?

A cable management bar is a simple accessory that can make a huge difference in your home or office. It’s also an inexpensive solution and they’re easy to install, so there’s no reason not to add one! If you don’t have a cable management bar you should consider purchasing one. A cable management bar allows wires and cables to be hidden in plain sight instead of being seen. They are useful for hiding your extension cords, cell phone charger cords, earbuds and computer monitor cables. While most people use them for their homes many businesses use them too. You can find them in offices, schools and hospitals because they are functional and cost effective at keeping wires under control.

Where to put Cable Management Bars?

One of the best places to install cable management bars is in your office. Placing these bars on a wall behind your monitor will not only save you from having a cluttered desk, but it also gives you an extra place for your notes and important files that may otherwise be lost. The other great thing about placing them behind your monitor is that no one can see them – so nobody knows they’re there!

Why You Need Cable Management Bars?

If you’re like most home theater enthusiasts, you probably have a lot of AV components and gadgets in your living room. This makes it essential that you find some way to neatly manage all those cables. One of the most effective solutions for cable management is installing cable management bars (also known as cable troughs). They allow you to organize and hide extra-long wires in plain sight, which means there’s no unsightly cords or wires cluttering up your home theater setup.

When To Use Them?

Cable management bars come in two flavors: permanent and temporary. Both have their uses, and it’s up to you how you want to implement them in your work station. Permanent cable management bars are used when you need a place for all of your cables, with no room for improvement. They can often be installed easily, but take up precious floor space, making them impractical in situations where more room is needed.

Choosing the Right Mounting Method

There are a variety of cable management bars and mounting options. But which one is right for you? How will you know? To help you determine, we’ve taken some of our most popular cable management bars and mounted them in different ways in our office. Here’s what we learned

Pros & Cons of Using Cable Management Bar

Modern technology has created a ton of hows and whys. We know more than ever before, but we also have more questions. In order to live in harmony with our modern life, we need organization. To that end, some companies have begun producing cable management bars. One of those options is QUADRACABLES® Cable Management Bar. Learn more about QUADRACABLES® products and how they can help your home or business by reading on!


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