Step-by-Step Guide for Becoming a Salesforce Admin

Before getting the Salesforce Online Training let’s first understand the basics and the step-by-step guide for becoming a salesforce admin.

What Is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer- Relationship- Management. As the name suggests, it is software that gathers all the information one needs to manage the customer. Besides this, CRM helps companies to connect with customers by providing all the information. From the name of the companies to activities like website visits, it keeps a record of all the data. Apart from this, CRM tools help all the company departments to stay connected and coordinated. This will also help keep track of the individual customer.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the fastest-growing American companies in the CRM market. In 2020, revenue from the CRM market amounted to 69 billion U.S. dollars, from which approximately 20 percent market share of global CRM was from salesforce. It started operating in 1999 and is used by many well-known companies like Adidas, Motorola Inc, and Bharat Petroleum Corporation India Limited (BPCL). Also, Salesforce CRM services offer many cloud products like marketing sales cloud, analytics cloud, app cloud, and many others.

Salesforce Career Path

However, there are many Salesforces career paths that you can choose from to manage different cloud products few of them are:

  • Salesforce Developer- For the one who loves to automate everything and coding seems like a fancy name for simple yet delicious food.
  • Salesforce designer – The job of salesforce designers is to make the software human-friendly.
  • Business Analyst- Love Data? Become a business analyst and make the most out of the data to make actionable solutions.

What Does Salesforce Admin Do?

Salesforce Administration is the one that helps users get the most out of the technology. If you find tools and software easy to understand and can explain the complexity to your team. You can train them to understand the dashboard or make reports for improving their efficiency.

Typically, a salesforce admin is responsible for maintaining reports. Besides this, they create a user profile and give them access based on the job and responsibility.

Guide For Becoming Salesforce Administrator

Find the right training services

There are so many training services out there that finding the one that suits you is crucial. With so much information out there, that might get confusing for you. So, make sure you make a proper list of all your requirements. This will allow you to ensure that whatever training services you choose will have all the points you have. Whether you need an online training program or an instructor-led program. It is always important to do your best research possible.

Get your basics clear

Make use of different available resources as well. Knowing all the basics will help you master the skill. With all the amazing stuff out there, it might seem overwhelming for you to learn. It is always suggested to learn and get the basics clear before getting started. It’s the same as learning a new language where you first start with the alphabet. As a beginner, it might sound frustrating and it might take time. However, once you will get the basics ready you are already ahead in the race.

 Get certified in Salesforce administration

One of the most important steps is to get yourself certified in Salesforce administration. This will help you to stand out. Before getting certified, remember to take your time. Your confidence and knowledge are the keys to becoming a salesforce admin. Moreover, the certification will help you in boosting your value in the market. If you are in Noida, you can also look for Salesforce Training in Noida. Getting this salesforce training will help you clear the exam and get yourself certified.


Whatever you decide, make sure to keep practicing and give yourself enough time to get your hands on it before giving the test.

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