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Shopify Marketing Strategies to Grow your eCommerce Store

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform in the eCommerce industry.  To believe, approximately 1.7 million merchants use Shopify to sell.

The platform has exceeded $1 billion till 2013 in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). Surprisingly, in the initial six months of 2021, they have reached $79.5 billion. Also, the platform has produced $2.10 billion of revenue in 2021.

This makes Shopify the highly accepted platform by its users. Shopify Development is not a complicated job. However, staying ahead of the competition and growth is a difficult task.

Considerably, it is a fact that the more you improve the eCommerce web design, personalize the user experience and sharpen the marketing technique, the more your Shopify store growth rate is. But, the question is how to do it? What are the marketing strategies that help to achieve so?

How to Boost Sales in eCommerce Store with Shopify Marketing Tips

Audit SEO to Push Traffic to your eCommerce Store

The user-friendly and appealing online store is nothing if it is unable to generate traffic. Certainly, Shopify SEO is a great practice to find copied content. It’s important to remember keyword research data and competitor benchmarking.

The complete SEO audit reveals competitive analysis and all the weak points of your recent plans. Accordingly, you can work on them and get a higher ranking in the search engines.

What the SEO audit should be focussed on:


  • Meta content
  • Site architecture
  • Site content
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt
  • URLs
  • Additional on-page optimization factors
  • 404 error handling
  • Rich snippets markup
  • Visibility and Organic Traffic Analysis

Types of links

  • Anchor text
  • Link distribution
  • Link distribution and links over different domains
  • Inventive content examples
  • Link building tactics
  • Fix Broken backlinks

Search Volume

  • Ranking/Position of your online store
  • Ranking keywords categorization into informational and navigational
  • Examine historic performance
  • Mobile SEO
  • Segment and landing page analysis
  • Site search analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Link Profile

Technical SEO

  • Off-site duplicate content
  • On-site duplicate content
  • Crawl issues
  • Use of JavaScript
  • International
  • Performance

Include only the Valuable Content

Integrate the reliable content in a proper paragraph spacing, length, color, etc. In addition, the visitors must understand what the content is all about.  Make the content scannable with well-defined, high-quality, and accurate content. There should be bullet points, images, and headers. Content is responsible for the eCommerce site’s appearance. Furthermore, it enhances the online shopify store usability and tends to convert the visitors to leads. Remember to update the content on a regular basis.

Leverage Social Media Influencer Marketing

The impact of influencer marketing is growing with time and is getting strong. Now, it is one of the highly-used forms of online store marketing.

So, you need to find influencers with engaged followers, who could be your target audience; give the same advantage to your business. Likewise, ask them about their work with other businesses and the proof of the results to know what they have achieved.

The best outcome of an influence marketing approach demands creativity. Otherwise, it may appear obvious and tacky.  Here, the interactive content like, challenges, contents, and quizzes play an important role.

Designing an Appealing Cart

The cart has to be compelling to fill up the cart and also to improve the customer retention rate. Most of the time, the customers do not purchase and abandon the cart in the checkout process.  It is because the visitors do not receive notifications regarding the cap.

The other active strategy is to reduce the cart recurrence. This can be done by sending the notifications via SMS or emails. Accordingly, you can make the customers return to you and make a purchase.

Include Social Proof to the Shopify Marketing Strategy

If your business is not known to anyone, how your online store will grow. Remember the number of ads you view. Probably, you cannot remind each of an ad, as you forget them only in a second.

When your brand becomes transparent, people find out about it and want to know about you. Follow the two-pronged method to get feedback, testimonials and get reviews on & off-site.

Only good reviews are not enough. People want to know more about you. They need additional details and check how many have reviewed your store (whether there are negative or questions involved).

Other visitors trust specific websites when it is about ratings. Put down the budget to allow more to rate your products or services. They might use free product forms to rate communities.

Also, it might be discounts on future buying for those customers who have purchased from the online store before. When you have the required number of reviews, get a way to show them on various website pages.

Mobile-Friendly Approach

These days, visitors are moving from desktop to mobile. Therefore, making a website mobile-friendly is the best strategy to attract visitors.

Having a mobile phone carries some weight. Not to mention, assure that your online store is accessible by mobile to the target customers anywhere and anytime.

Shopify’s eCommerce platform converts accessibility with this exceptional feature. Monitor the site and see how it appears on the smartphone.

You can check the Shopify eCommerce website with mobile and examine the ongoing program. Correspondingly, include videos, ads, images, content on the mobile website. It should be done before publishing.  Make the changes on a regular basis to make everything perfect on a smartphone.

Convert Traffic into Leads on eCommerce Store

Make sure to turn your visitors into leads with a definite amount of traffic. With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), you can make sure that your website is meant to boost conversions. That implies it is optimized for securing sales.

The conversion rate is defined as the percentage of traffic converted to customers and approaches such as A/B testing to boost the number.

A/B testing is also termed Split testing. It enables you to display different landing page versions to visitors. Later, find which options improve the user experience. Usually, this testing is performed to compare:

  • Ratings and price on category pages
  • Suggested products position
  • Navigation copy, etc

As it is not a direct step to grow the Shopify store, however, it offers an engageable and better shopper experience. Also, encourages them in the overall user journey.

Ensure Site Speed is Fast

Easy and simple navigation assures the appealing nature of the Shopify store. For better access to users, you can include a 360-degree angle to observe the view so they can browse the website. Include more links to make the accessibility of the web page easy.  Confirm that every single aspect is providing the best experience to the users.

It is revealed by the recent statistics that the site that takes more than three seconds to get loaded gets abandoned by the visitors. And users move to other sites. With just one second delay, the page view reduces to 11%. Hence, the webpage loading speed is the major concern for building an eCommerce website. The right page speed assists the search engine in a higher ranking in the search results. A few tricks could be used to assure the faster web speed:

  • Compression tools such as tinypng and compressor.io can be used to reduce image size.
  • Neglect image sliders.
  • Use the external scripts.

Concluding Remarks

The effective Shopify Marketing strategies for the growth of your eCommerce website are defined above. Considering these, you can get productive results and give your business the right direction. Know which strategies work for your brand in a better way.

We hope you find this article helpful. Let us know how these tips are beneficial for you. Share your thoughts with us! Thanks for reading!

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