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Real-time computer-based exam by Think Exam for JEE aspirants to validate their performance

JEE Mains is one of the top most popular competitive exams for engineering aspirants. Nearly 10 lakh students appear for the JEE MAINS exam for admission to the eminent engineering college. The competition is fierce and only thousands of aspirants qualify for getting admission to India’s leading college. Aspirants find it difficult to manage the exam. To overcome this issue, educators suggest taking the previous year’s competitive exam and attempting mock exams for self-evaluation.

Preparation is incomplete without evaluation, which is mock exams are necessary to assess their strength and weaknesses. Educators advise attempting the mock exam after completing the particular section. 

Reasons why mock exams are necessary? 

  • To understand the adversity level, students attempt JEE mock exam to get an idea about the pattern and format. Also, it enables students to analyze the difficulty level of the questions.
  • Aspirants can check the marking scheme and they can create their preparation strategy accordingly. They can witness that some questions contain more weightage, Hence they can design their study plan to focus on the important questions.
  • It is witnessed that students feel anxious and nervous before applying for the JEE exam. They feel nervous because they are not aware of their strength and weaknesses. In order to evaluate their strength and weakness, students should attempt mock exams for boosting their confidence and making them feel less anxious.
  • Aspirants who are not technically equipped might face challenges in handling computers. There is an automatic timer on the page. The timer will start when the candidate starts the test. This measure would also help them to improve their speed and candidate can monitor the time required to complete the test.

Tips to approach JEE MAIN CBT Exam 

Computer Based Test offer real-time exam experience to the JEE aspirants. All, they have to do is follow instructions to attempt JEE mock exam and practice similar questions. Here are a few tips to approach JEE Main CBT  Exam:

  • Read instructions carefully; Read JEE Main question paper thoroughly, Take time to read the question paper. These instructions would give you important information you might not know. Also, it would refresh your memory with the exam-related points, that you should keep in mind.
  • Read the question paper thoroughly: If you may have noticed that the CBT exam does not give you an option to view the entire question paper. However, JEE MAIN CBT  exam gives you an opportunity to read the complete question paper.
  • Read the question before attempting; Try to solve JEE mock test for practicing the questions. Do not forget to read the full question. This will help you to manage your time.
  • Change the language of the question: If you face any challenge in understanding the questions, you can change language, using the ‘change language’ option. Solve the question and you can move on to the next.

It is understood that there might be some ambiguity amongst the students regarding the JEE MAIN exam.

CBT  mock exam is also playing a vital role in overcoming this barrier and giving them real exam experience.  It is helping aspirants to acclimatize to the new test pattern. 

Think Exam helps in validating student’s performance

Think Exam is one of the leading online examination software and online assessment solution for conducting remotely proctored online exams, computer based examinations and online assessments for hiring. It is a unique solution that provides a real-time exam experience. Right from scheduling exam to generating results, it does all the activity. It has altered the process of delivering exams. Also, it is providing technology-equipped infrastructure for managing exams. Think Exam CBT Platform does all the pre and post-exam activities with robust and scalable examination solution. Computer Based Test has taken hold of every sector. It consists of all the necessities of the paper in digital format for making test management flexible, simple and secure. There are many benefits of Think Exam CBT that can improve the outcome for the examiner and the candidate.


Benefits of Think Exam CBT Platform

Unravel the testing opportunities 

Clients have witnessed that by switching to the CBT exams, they can widen the exam window and increase the number of locations. Whereas Paper-Based Tests are limited to the location and scope of the test. CBT test has eliminated the importance of physical examination and grants flexibility and convenience to give tests anywhere. Additionally, examiners can expand the test availability and numerous candidates can accommodate at any time.

Providing Improved Test Security 

Another strength of the CBT exam is the enhanced security it offers to the examiners. In Paper-Based Tests, tests are printed, transported to the test location, and sent to the location. CBTs are data encrypted and transferred to the test administrative data center with a secure network. Since the encrypted data is never exposed until it is sent to the candidate directly.

Improved Test Accessibility 

Accessibility is another advantage of the CBT exam. The utilization of computers permits numerous accessibility options, that might be challenging for pen and paper-based tests. Remote assessment, screening and speech recognition, etc can offer exceptional test experience to the candidate.

Real-Time test Experience 

The dynamic aspect of CBT is the ability to replicate real-time exam experiences. Candidates will get to see high-resolution pictures and relevant video clips as part of their exams. There is speculation about managing certification exams online especially high stake exams. Moreover, digitization of the content is flourishing in every sector of society.

Many examinations such as JEE and NEET are using advanced simulation which would offer both security and engagement to the test taker. 

Offering exceptional candidate experience 

Rising opportunities for assessment, flexibility and advanced security are a crucial part of the candidate experience. Computer Based Test offers an intuitive method for candidates to complete the exam. Computer Based Examination has auto-grading capabilities and it also provides exam scores after completing the exam.

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Physical examinations consist of a lot of challenges for academic institutes and students. Think Exam CBT exam solution is all in one integrated system to digitize the exams. The leading SAAS-based CBT software manages online examination efficiently. Education institutes are gearing up for the impact of the pandemic disruption and e-learning is outweighing offline education. The need for a robust and scalable option for conducting exams is evident. Think Exam CBT platform also consists of advanced features that would address the need of the exams. It is a holistic solution that caters to the exam cycle without hampering the candidate’s experience. Think Exam platform also weed out all the hurdles inherent in offline examinations. The state-of-the-art platform is simplifying the task of conducting exams. Many prestigious institutes are also attested to the popularity of the Think Exam.

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