Numerous Uses for Personalized Custom Pillow Boxes

You may have been taken aback by the packaging of your pillow shipment if you’ve ever ordered one online. Custom Pillow Boxes are readily identifiable by their distinctive shape, which is (obviously) reminiscent of a pillow. The vast majority of consumers dispose of these containers because they believe they are too special to be reused. Companies often overlook the many benefits of personalised Custom Pillow Boxes. Now we’ll discuss just a few of the many ways in which these special containers can be put to work for you.

Garments and Wearables

Actually, when folded, the majority of garments may be stored efficiently in a standard pillow case. The box’s flat design is functional, since it keeps contents in their folded state. Although a square or rectangle would accomplish the same goal, the pillow box’s rounded corners offer more room for artistic licence. Research shows that customers are more likely to buy from a company they are familiar with, and one method to build that familiarity is through distinctive packaging.

Individualized Present Wrapping

During the Christmas season, several retailers provide a gift-wrapping service. Although it is possible to employ the same paper and manufacturing method for every product, doing so is not likely to increase repeat business. When they open it, you don’t want them to think, “I could have done that myself!” because of the sloppy wrapping work. ”

It’s a perfect use case for Custom Pillow Boxes. They’re perfect for holding any sort of little item, and their unusual design makes them stand out. Selling items in foil-stamped boxes would cost more, but would look nice. These will add a bit of lustre to your items, so don’t toss them out just yet.

Dietary Supplements and Prescription Drugs

The culinary and medical industries have also discovered the benefits of Custom Pillow Boxes. Having an aluminium foil liner is simple and helps keep the food within from being stale. It’s for this reason that some bags have foil linings on the inside, in case you were wondering. Pillow boxes have proven to be highly useful for keeping individual products fresh and sanitary, but they are not suited for shipping perishable goods in large quantities or medical supplies in large quantities.


You are offering a product of aesthetic value when you deal in jewellery. Because of this, it only makes sense to utilise packaging that is just as eye-catching as the jewellery itself. Custom Pillow Boxes are perfect for packaging jewels for retail sale since they can be cut to any size. Naturally, you’ll want to spruce up the packaging appropriately.

And now we may talk about the materials. You wouldn’t want to put your jewels in a pillow box made of Kraft paper because many jewellery pieces are disproportionately expensive for their size. These are adequate for most things, but for something of extreme value, a stronger cardboard box is required. It’s important to tailor the thickness of a pillow box to the worth and fragility of its contents.

Packages Designed Specifically for Your Mail-Order Enterprise

Pillow boxes may usually be stuffed into a standard mailbox. If the material is durable enough, this sort of packaging can also be used for larger objects. Custom Pillow Boxes are convenient since they can be stored in a single stack within a single, large zip-top bag. The bag’s rectangular shape works well with their rounded corners. This is an effective method for shielding packages during transit from the elements

The pillow box, resembling an envelope, is a common choice for online purchases. These boxes have a top flap that is secured in place instead of a side opening. The closed form resembles a huge cardboard envelope with rounded edges. Don’t forget the value of original and eye-catching packaging. Many individuals selling items on the internet have found these boxes to be ideal, while for long-distance transport, the more robust versions are advised.

Sector of the Economy Devoted to Sweets

All pillowcases need not be elaborate and showy. A aesthetically beautiful and easily disposable tiny box is sometimes all that’s needed. In the confections industry, where edible goods are produced, this is a common occurrence. Sugary and baked products, chocolates, etc., fall under this category. These Custom Pillow Boxes often feature a Kraft paper exterior and a foil or wax interior.

The “window” function is widely utilised as an option in this sector. There is thin plastic that can be used to create a see-through area of the box for your pillows. The shopper can examine the contents and decide whether or not to make a purchase with this option. This added perk can boost sales because most people want to see what they’re buying, especially if it’s a consumable.

Personalized Invitations

Custom Pillow Boxes, with their rounded corners and sleek lines, might also be a good choice for businesses that offer individualised invitations. Providing this alternative shape to your clients is a smart move, as it is likely that they will pick it. For an invitation that truly stands out, nothing beats an adorned pillow box.

The Importance of Individually Wrapped Items

Perhaps you’ve noticed a common thread here: many of these strategies and concepts centre on the innovative usage of Custom Pillow Boxes for packaging. Your packaging is the single most effective way to advertise your product. Packaging, more than any other form of advertising, has been shown to have a significant impact on customers’ propensity to make a purchase.

Instead of just taking our word for it, here is a study that backs up our claims. This was a comprehensive analysis that considered many factors, such as:

  • Color of packaging
  • Products used as packaging (s)
  • Conception as a Whole
  • Innovations

The research involved analysing the effects of different packaging on the purchasing patterns of a select group of consumers (in Karachi, Pakistan). After much deliberation, they reached many key findings:

  • If you want to sell something, the most vital thing you can do is have great packaging.
  • Customers can learn more about a product and what it’s about just by looking at the packaging.
  • Perhaps the most crucial component is the packaging’s colour.
  • Very little effect was seen for the packaging used to influence consumer behaviour.
  • The quality of the product’s design and the introduction of new features are other important factors that affect consumer decisions.

Alternatives for Embellishing Pillowcases

It’s not common practise to utilise a pillow box for everyday purposes like transportation. They don’t work as well for stacking as do standard square or rectangular boxes. Custom Printed Boxes are typically reserved for high-end products that warrant the extra effort and expense of being packaged in such a stylish manner. There isn’t much of a need for a pillow box if you’re looking for a simple cardboard box with no decoration.

This means that embellishment is crucial to making a great pillow box. You should show the customer that you care about them on an emotional level to get their trust and business. Packaging like this, made of Kraft paper, is ideal for printing elaborate designs. There are, however, methods by which cardboard can be printed upon. Wrapping paper, ribbons, and other embellishments are common, and a see-through window is always a possibility.

Metal foils are frequently employed, resulting in eye-catchingly glittering hues. In all honesty, it would be impossible to overlook something that gleams so brightly. Three-dimensional effects can also be achieved by the use of embossing, debossing, and layering. In this case, you want to get people talking about your brand.


Pillow shipment is the most obvious purpose for this box, but we didn’t add it. We didn’t include it since it’s so patently clear that we didn’t want to draw attention to it. In order to demonstrate the adaptability of pillow boxes, we’ll be focusing on some of their less obvious applications.

Pillow boxes are a specialty here at SirePrinting, and we provide only the highest quality options for personalization. You may find a use for these items in just about any kind of commercial setting. Call SirePrinting right away to get your free custom packaging quote or for more information.

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