Major Beauty Appointments You Need To Take Before Your Big Day

The beauty timetable for your wedding is just as crucial as the wedding timeline itself. Having a well-thought-out wedding beauty strategy in place well before the big day allows you to properly prepare your hair, skin, teeth, and other features for the big day. Everything on this timeline is optional—you don’t have to have your teeth whitened or get a facial before your wedding. Choose what works best for you. Here’s a timeline of things to do for wedding beauty.

There may be a bride who does not wish to look her best on her wedding day. The beauty routine we’ve shared here will assist you in creating one that works for you. From your hair to your teeth, this plan has you covered.


Whether your skin is perfect, a dermatologist can help you look your best. A dermatologist will help you on the finest products for your skin and the vitamins you should take. They can also help you decide whether or not you need any treatments.

Visiting your dermatologist, no matter what your skin issues, will guarantee that your skin is in good shape before your wedding. Your doctor can assist you to understand the ideal skincare routine for your skin type, whether you have adult acne, psoriasis, or just plain old boring combination skin.

Hair Dying and Styling

If you’re going to highlight or colour your hair before your wedding, get started as soon as possible. Book a hair consultation with your colourist three to six months before your wedding to discuss your vision. It is the best option to bring any examples of hair accessories you plan to wear so your colourist can figure out where the best highlights should go.

Most brides prefer to let their hair grow out for the wedding, but a trim about 2-3 months before the wedding is recommended to ensure that there are no split ends or dry ends if you want your hair coloured, set aside some time to check if it suits you and make any necessary adjustments afterwards.

Facial Treatment

While a great facial isn’t precisely a beauty must-have, it is a pre-wedding ritual (and treat) that we highly recommend. If you plan on receiving something for the first time (because you won’t know how your skin will react) or something severe like microdermabrasion, make an appointment two or three weeks before your wedding (since it tends to leave your face red for a few days). If you’re merely getting a relaxing treatment, you’ve had previously, the week prior is OK.

Makeup Trial

Don’t be discouraged if your makeup artist takes a few tries to nail your perfect beauty look. It’s also critical to specify whether you want your look to be matte or dewy. Smoky eye or bronzy? Don’t leave anything out, and if something doesn’t seem right, say something. They’d prefer it if you told them the truth so they could correct it.

Make is a terrific idea, and it should be done 1 to 2 months before the wedding, once you’ve finished finalising your wedding jewellery and clothing. Your makeup artist should be able to provide you with a realistic vision, and you and your makeup artist should begin preparing your look around a month before the big day.

Waxing and Threading

Ensure that you are well-groomed and free of stray hairs- don’t get too crazy with your brows so soon to the wedding; just a little shaping and removing the stray hairs! By performing it a few days before the wedding, you can ensure that the redness will fade quickly.

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