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Learn from experts how to get rid of laziness and lethargy with yoga

When you are lazy, it becomes difficult to even get out of bed. Then practicing yoga becomes a far cry. You keep on postponing your “promise to yoga asanas” for the next week again and again and this process continues for the next week as well. As a result, you are filled with self-guilt. 

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Yoga for Lazy People:

Yoga creates coordination in all parts of the body. It also creates coordination at the level of body, mind, and spirit. So, when all the parts of your body are in proper coordination, you now need less energy than what you needed to do work before. Yoga helps you conserve energy.

Myths about Yoga:

It is a myth that yoga is just a few asanas. Whereas yoga keeps you physically and mentally healthy, which gives your body relaxation and energy. When you are well-rested, you are very energetic. When the energy in our system is in the right proportion, then you start taking interest in the necessary tasks.

Pay attention to food:

Yoga is not a twisting of the body, but a way of living life. In this, a person is advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you are of a lazy nature, then you should pay attention to your food. Ayurveda is also a main aspect of yogasana. There are very basic rules of Ayurveda. If a person follows these, he can get rid of laziness. For example, if you are eating the right quality and nutritious food in the right quantity, then it makes a big difference. There are three types of food – tamasic (negative), rajasic (neutral), and sattvic (positive). Junk food and fast food are considered tamasic food. Milk and milk products are considered rajasic and food made from fruits and fresh vegetables is considered sattvic.

Your state of mind depends on what you eat. If you eat sattvic food, your mind remains relaxed and at the same time alert. Generally, relaxation and conscious state seem to be opposite to each other. But yoga is what helps you to experience this state without any effort!

One has only to sit in meditation and do nothing.

Meditation is the best medium to give relaxation to both your body and mind. Laziness demands the rest of your body and mind. With care, this requirement can be met. It is such an asana, which helps you to get rid of physical discomfort and helps to keep your mind calm. Meditation also helps you get rid of restlessness, anger on a mental level. According to spiritual guru and founder of The Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, “Meditation is the art of doing nothing, no effort at all.”

Power of Pranayama:

Pranayama is a breathing practice that increases the flow of prana, subtle life energy, in our body. Pranayama instantly fills our bodies with energy. It can be learned under the direction of a trained yoga instructor.

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra is a very beautiful practice, which can be done even by those who do not know anything about yoga. It is a relaxation technique in which attention is taken to different parts of the body. This removes fatigue from every cell of the body. It provides deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra removes all fatigue and energizes your mind in just 20 minutes or less.


You can gradually understand the physical aspect of yoga. Like, when someone starts driving a car, first the car moves slowly and then the car driver sets foot on the accelerator, similarly, you first do some simple asanas and then gradually, by continuously practicing them, you will get them well. will do. A person can start yoga by rotating the body and stretching the arms and legs and then gradually can do the asanas properly. By doing this way, the body adjusts easily and quickly. It is important to become one with whatever asana you practice.

Yoga is not any physical exertion, which makes us tired and then leads us to laziness. It helps in making our emotions light and gentle. By which a person can lead a healthy life. Where the body remains healthy, there is no vibration in the breath and the mind remains calm and stress-free.

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