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Know The Key Traits Of PRP For Hair Loss

PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma is an innovative treatment that you can consider. It is a versatile treatment that can be obtained with another hair restoration therapy. However, there are several treatments available now for hair regrowth. If you want to go with the non-invasive and less painful treatment, you can consider PRP for hair loss. In recent times, many professional hair surgeons have recommended this therapy to their patients that are suffering from baldness. This treatment can prove a boon with the problem of male and female pattern baldness. According to experts, PRP is a proven procedure that is done in a short duration and delivers proven results. The best feature of this treatment is that you can consider it as an independent treatment as well. So, here are some traits of PRP that you must know.

Unique procedure

It is needless to say that this is a unique hair treatment. It is not performed like the extraction of hair follicles and implantation. But, this procedure works with injections. During the procedure, the blood will be drawn from your body, and then the plasma will be separated from your blood using a centrifuge. The plasma will then be injected into your scalp using injections. However, the number of injections required might depend on the area of baldness. An expert hair surgeon can provide you with the required plasma therapy by following SmartPRP technology. You will get the exact dose of plasma injected into your scalp to get the desired outcomes.

Safe and non-allergic procedure

When it comes to getting safe procedures for hair restoration, PRP is no exception. It is certainly a safer procedure because it does not involve any cuts and incisions. The hair surgeon would only draw blood from your arm to separate plasma. It will not require any cuts to draw the blood as the tiny needle and syringe will be used. The procedure is also safe and secure because it is non-allergic. It involves drawing your blood, and only the good plasma cells will be injected back. Consequently, you will not experience any allergic reaction from your own blood. It would also not take long, and you will not experience major side effects after the treatment.

Stimulate hair growth

Hair loss in men and women is common and can occur at any age. It is a natural process that occurs when the growth of hair follicles stop due to several factors. PRP for hair loss can address the issue by resuming hair growth. It can stimulate hair growth naturally by stimulating the hair growth cycle. The plasma injected into the scalp has growth factors that can work to treat scalp wounds. It can give new life to the hair follicles that can grow in the area of baldness. However, there might be a need to have multiple injections on the scalp as per the required amount of plasma. But, the results would amaze you when the growth of hairs is fuller.

Outpatient treatment

It is certainly true that for attaining a hair restoration treatment, you have to wait a whole day inside the clinic of the surgeon. But, this is not in the case of PRP since it is an outpatient procedure. Yes, this is the best trait of this therapy for hair loss. You do not need to sit inside the surgeon’s clinic for the whole day. It merely takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete, and the best thing is that you can get back to your work after getting this done. The procedure does not require downtime, and no medication is required after PRP.

Natural results

Unlike traditional hair transplants, PRP will not deliver you unrealistic outcomes. It would use your DNA structure that will deliver natural-looking results. You will visually be able to see the PRP results in 6 months with a naked eye in the mirror. The best part of this treatment is that you can get longer results. However, the speed of hair growth might differ from person to person, but the results will be wonderful and real.

Affordable cost

When it comes to achieving natural hair growth results, you can consider PRP for hair loss. Apart from the benefit of this treatment, it is also affordable than other hair restoration treatments. The average cost for this treatment is 1500 to 3000 dollars per session. However, the cost may increase when it comes to getting multiple sessions. But, the overall cost for this treatment is less expensive than other treatments. You can consider this feature to choose this treatment for hair growth restoration.

The Bottom Line

PRP for hair loss is a superb treatment, and it is proven as well. It can target baldness to treat it with natural hair growth. However, the results might depend on the quality of treatment, so it is advised to get it from a professional hair surgeon. 

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