How To Start A Home-based Food Business In Singapore

The international economy has been brought to its knees during the Covid-19 period. Singapore is no different. Many Singaporeans are losing their employment, and retail businesses are losing valuable money. With the economy in a slump, Singaporeans are rushing for quick work, and the government responds by launching a slew of financial aid programmes to help individuals manage their monthly expenses. This circumstance, in turn, encourages the growth of new home enterprises across the country. (ecommerce platforms)

The vast majority of Singapore’s modest home enterprises serve home-cooked food and baked items. This is because they may be the simplest to set up, as all that is required is to recreate one’s home-cooking / home-baking talents on a somewhat larger scale and cater to consumers. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to establish a home-cooked / home-baked business. However, there are a few important considerations to make before getting started with one.

The importance of maintaining proper hygiene cannot be overstated. (ecommerce platforms)

Prior to concentrating on the flavour of your food or cake, you must first concentrate on kitchen hygiene. Do you know how to properly wash your hands? Do you aware that you can’t use the same cutting board for raw and cooked food? What about keeping your cold and hot food at the same temperature?

Before you start your business, we strongly urge you to take the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) Basic Food and Hygiene Certification (BFHC) course. It’s around $30, takes less than a day, and is good for five years! If you require additional information, please contact us.

Don’t be a bother to your neighbours. (ecommerce platforms)

Starting your own company is a thrilling experience. Even your next-door neighbour may come to your aid! However, you should always be aware of your neighbours, especially when it comes to keeping the noise level down and limiting the amount of smoke you emit.

It is not permissible to hire an assistant. (ecommerce platforms)

Orders begin to flood in, your phone is ringing, and business is thriving! You’re having trouble fulfilling your orders, and you’re even rejecting some of them. You’re considering employing an assistant to assist you.

Unfortunately, you are not permitted to engage an assistant to support you with your home company under the rules of HDB’s Small Scale Home-based Business Scheme. You’ll either have to shift your business to a central kitchen or move out to rent a retail location. Please remember that failing to comply is a legal violation. Please let us know if you require any other information.

Do not obstruct the hallway leading to the communal area.

More raw materials are required as your business expands, and your home simply does not have the space to store them. However, you are not permitted to store your raw materials in the common corridor, especially if you live in a HDB apartment, as this will obstruct other people’s access. Your whole stock of raw materials must be kept inside your home.

Do not display your logo on your front door or window.

We recognise that one of the most important aspects of any business, including a home business, is marketing. You want more people to hear about your company and gain traction. Unfortunately, home companies are not permitted to display promotional materials on their front door. Their only means of communication are online social media platforms such as Whatsapp groups, Facebook, Instagram, Frea, and others. If done right, these channels can actually be enough to generate you a lot of traffic.

Request feedback from your customers on a regular basis.

Finally, but certainly not least, always solicit important consumer feedback. You might believe that your homemade items are already flawless. Customers, on the other hand, may supply comments that you have neglected. Because your clients do not know you personally and so have little bias in their opinion, they are usually more honest than your friends and family when offering you criticism. As a result, paying attention to your customers’ input could help you take your home business to the next level.

Here are seven suggestions that you might find helpful. Also, check our Frea app if you’re serious about beginning a home-cooking or home-baking business. It’s a smartphone marketplace where you can start selling your home-cooked meals and baked goods in less than 5 minutes! Begin earning right now!

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