How to manufacture the perfect custom candle box?

If you’re looking to get into the candle business, or just want to step up your game as a crafty entrepreneur, then you need this article! We give some ideas on what kind of candles to try and how to package them.But not just any old box will do. You need the perfect custom candle box with a design that matches your aesthetic and complements your brand. We’re going to show you how to make one!

We’re going to walk you through the steps of designing a custom candle container, from choosing a template and deciding on an appropriate size, to drafting your design and applying it to the template for printing.

If you have never created anything from scratch before, this project is for you! It’s really not as intimidating as it sounds, so let’s dive right in!

Put Emotions to your packaging:


Most of the candles that you buy are pretty generic, with the same simple packaging design. There’s a reason why you bought them. The packaging looks professional and gives you a hint of what the smell or look is going to be like just by glancing at it.

The way that your candle looks have to convey an emotion, or tell someone something about the smell and look inside.

You want your customer to want your candle. Because they can already picture themselves enjoying it once they open up the package and see for themselves.

You should grab their attention by:

The design of your custom candle box is what makes it appealing and easy to pick out amongst the competition. By having a unique and eye-catching design you will also be giving your customer something different than what they would get at say, a big-box retailer.

While there are so many generic candle boxes on the market today, you don’t have to be one of them! Make your customers stop in their tracks when they see the package. Because they know it’s something special just by looking at the cover.

Not everyone is going to be an instant customer. You’ll need to give people incentives and make them want to buy from you. Before they buy something from you, show them that you’re sensibly priced and competitively high quality before they consider spending their money on your product.

Catch the attention of prospective customers:

In this way, you provide a chance for someone who has never heard of you to get familiarized with you and your products. They should reach out to you without you reaching out to them.

Once they get a hold of your website or contact information, then it’s time for the home stretch…

Which products do people buy?

Figuring this out will help you in deciding what kind of theme and design to go with. The most important part of your design should be the packaging itself. That should be the first thing that draws someone’s attention to your product, along with your title and any other information or message that you want to convey. Your design should be thought-provoking and intriguing. You want to capture someone’s attention immediately, while they read your message.

You have to be able to grab someone’s attention and hold it long enough for them to understand what you’re trying to say through the use of your design.

Genericity is not an option:

Be specific and unique in the kind of candle packaging boxes you choose. You have to go above and beyond with any packaging if you want to stand out in today’s market. You want to make your candle box look like it would be found in a high-end boutique or store, not just another generic product at a store in the corner of the mall. This way your customer should be blown away by the quality and design of your product. You want to give them something different from what they would normally have. And make that impression keep their thoughts going through buying your candle.

Be aware of the kind of things customers are trying to get you for:

You can create some really great candle designs. You will not make money from them if you do not describe them in a way that people will be able to purchase them.

Moreover, ou have to know what your customers are looking for, and you need to be able to cater to their needs. What makes them tick? What do they like? You need to do everything that you can in your power to accommodate those things. You want the customer who purchases from you to feel like they’ve got the best deal that they could possibly get, and feel good about doing so.

Branding through packaging:

Your product needs to stand out among all of the others on the market. You have to be able to distinguish yourself from everyone else and give people a reason that they should buy from you. If they like your packaging design and it’s eye-catching enough. Then you’ll grab yourself a different kind of customer that’s looking for just what you have to offer.

Decide which kind of candles to make:

Give your custom candle box a theme and design that reflects what kind of products are inside. Using flower designs to make your candles look handmade is a good idea, for example, if you are making lavender-scented candles. You should keep your product design simple while maintaining a certain amount of elegance if it’s a luxury item.

You want to come up with a design that will be shown off when the candle is placed on display. If people see your products on display somewhere, then they should be able to tell what kind of scents or styles they’re dealing with just by letting their eyes wander over your product and its package.

Here’s what it comes down to:

Your packaging needs to show the style and quality of your product, so customers understand exactly what they’re getting for their money without even opening the packaging.


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