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How to Import cPanel email to Outlook

Do you want to import cPanel email to Outlook PST? If that’s the case, you’ll find the simplest way to link Horde Webmail to Outlook right here. We’ve devised a simple and direct method for importing Horde Mails into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other versions.

Users may safely Import cPanel email to Outlook PST format with this Horde to Outlook transfer application. This allows users to save Horde webmail emails in PST format without losing any information. Examine the complete blog for information about transferring emails from Horde to Outlook.

Users who acquire a shared hosting account, whether Direct Admin or cPanel, become a member of it. Horde, Round cube, and Squirrel Mail are the three webmail accounts that come with a cPanel account. We’ll talk about the Horde Webmail account, including webmail emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, advanced filters, etc.

How to Migrate cPanel email to Outlook?

We propose utilizing the SysTools IMAP Backup Wizard Tool to migrate cPanel Email to Outlook. Round cube, Squirrel Mail, Horde, and other cPanel Webmail may be backed up. After that, you may migrate it to Outlook. You may either convert cPanel Webmail in bulk or choose certain emails to examine before migrating to Outlook.

It is the finest option for those who want to import cPanel email to Outlook PST file that can be handled in Outlook. The application comes with several advanced capabilities that enable you to convert from Horde Webmail to Outlook. The software also allows you to convert Horde webmail to PST in bulk without losing any data. Overall, converting Horde Mails to PST format is a two-step process for users. In a matter of seconds, users will have a complete backup of their Horde webmail in PST format.

Follow Steps to Import cPanel email to Outlook

  • To execute the software quickly and easily, carefully follow the steps below: –
  • Install the software on your Mac and run it.
  • Choose the Other option in the IMAP Host to enter your account information.
  • Then, along with the IMAP Server and Port Key No., submit the information. Press the Login button.
  • Select PST as your export format when you get to the Export Type area.
  • By choosing the Advance Settings option, you may use the filters you desire to selectively import cPanel email to Outlook.
  • Set the Split PST Option size to reduce the size of huge files.
  • Then, using the Date-filter, select the time period from which you wish to relocate the data.
  • Do you want to clear the data from your mailbox? For that, select the Delete after Download option. By clicking the Yes button, you are confirming your request.
  • Finally, using the Browse option, select the destination path for the data you want to store. To begin, tap Start Backup.

After that, you can easily upload your converted PST file into Outlook

Import PST to Outlook to complete the method Import cPanel email to Outlook

  • Firstly, Open Outlook go file menu option.
  • Secondly, select the Import/Export option and Import PST file into Outlook.
  • Finally, the task is completed cPanel email to Office 365.


We’ve covered the entire process of import cPanel email to Outlook in this blog. We’ve already discussed the easiest way to move emails from cPanel. We’ve come up with two different ways to accomplish the same goal.

You may also follow the same instructions if you wish to extract emails from Roundcube. To export emails from a cPanel account, we recommend utilizing the Horde webmail service.

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