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How to Import Address Book from Thunderbird to Outlook 365

This article talks about How to Import Address Book from Thunderbird to Outlook 365 effortlessly.

I am currently working on the Mozilla Thunderbird application but as my business has grown, I need an application that offers more built-in functionalities to streamline my work. As contacts are the most important thing that I am currently having. So, I decided to move Address Book from  Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Please suggest to me a quick and easy solution by which I can import address book from MAB Files to Outlook 365 without facing any difficulties.

Quick Glance 

Thunderbird is an open-source email application by which you can send or receive emails. The Thunderbird address book is stored in MAB Files. Thunderbird creates four different types of MAB Files. abook.mab (contain personal contacts that users added in their Thunderbird), history.mab (contacts that were saved in previously installed email clients in a collective manner), impab.mab (any kind of contact which is imported in Thunderbird) and SQLite (created in the versions later than 78.0)

Outlook 365 is the web-based email client from the Microsoft Office suite of applications. It is the most trustworthy cloud service. In its suites, it gives you Excel, Word, OneNote, Outlook, Skype, etc.

Let’s jump into the processing method by which you migrate Address Book from Thunderbird to Outlook 365

Import MAB Address Book to Outlook 365 Manually

There is no manual method by which a user is able to import address book to Outlook 365. For transferring it, a user needs to first convert the contacts in CSV file format then import them into MS Office 365. There is no such method that converts MAB into PST format directly.

We will suggest you not opt for this manual method as it is very lengthy and if you choose to import your contact you might lose your contacts. On top of it, this native solution is time-consuming. 

Then, there is another reliable way to import contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook 365 by using a third-party solution which is SysTools MAB Contacts Converter

Import  MAB Address book to Outlook 365 – Guaranteed Solution

Don’t disappoint, we have one such solution by which you can migrate your .mab files to outlook 365 easily. MAB Converter is the perfect tool by which you can complete your task. This tool has the capability to convert MAB files into both CSV and PST formats.   

Check out some of the amazing features of the solution which are given below:

Astonishing Features of MAB Converter

  • Convert in Bulk: By using this tool you are able to convert multiple folders that contain Thunderbird contacts. 
  • Complete preview of MAB Data:  Users can also preview their contacts in the tool’s interface.
  • No need to Install Thunderbird: Thunderbird installation is not required to import Address Book from Thunderbird to Outlook 365. .

Moving further, we are going to explain the working steps of the same:

Steps to Import MAB Files to Outlook 365

  1. Install the Thunderbird Address Book Converter

Launch the Application

2. Navigate to the MAB Files

Add files Import Address Book Thunderbird to Outlook 365

3. Preview the contacts before migration

View the added files

4. Select the export type “PST” 

choose PDF import Address book Thunderbird to Outlook 365

5. Hit on, Export

Hit On, Export

After converting the Thunderbird contacts into PST format, you can easily import them into Outlook 365 in a trouble-free manner.

The Final Words:

In this aforesaid article, we have stated that there is no manual method by which you are able to import address book from Thunderbird to Outlook 365. So, we have provided a solution that ensures you provide desired results to import MAB contacts in Outlook 365 in an error-free manner.

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