How To Choose Between An Onshore & An Offshore Outsourcing Call Center In India

The location of your business is absolutely critical as it determines your target audience and, eventually, impacts your revenue generation. Similarly, the location of the contact center you hire is also critical to the quality of your customer support deliveries. There are several essential factors, advantages, and challenges associated with your choice between an onshore contact center in your country or an offshore outsourcing call center in India. Therefore, it can often become quite challenging to determine the ideal contact center company due to the many available options.

Most companies acknowledge the many advantages of customer support outsourcing to a top contact center company for their businesses. However, there is still plenty of doubt among these companies about the benefits and disadvantages of onshore vs. offshore outsourcing. These doubts mostly arise due to the contrasting nature of onshore and offshore companies and the fact that they address different pain points of businesses. As a result, companies often face incredible difficulty identifying the most suitable solutions for their customer engagement necessities.

Common factors that influence the choice between an onshore contact center and an offshore outsourcing call center in India

When you decide to engage a BPO company in the United States or an offshore contact center in some other country, there are some important considerations that you must make before arriving at a decision. Some of these considerations include:

  • The cost of hiring professional call center services

Contact center companies in the United States and certain Europe countries generally charge more than their counterparts in Asia, Africa, or even the Middle East. Of course, they offer premium customer support services in addition to customized and convenient solutions for your business. However, their high prices can become a stumbling block for other companies to approach them for professional contact center solutions. This is especially true for startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), non-profit organizations, and many other such business entities. They usually lack the big budgets enjoyed by larger businesses and multi-national enterprises and are unable to pay exorbitant fees.

  • Adequate monitoring & oversight

Adequate monitoring of the performance of call center agents is absolutely necessary to understand the quality of customer service deliveries. This is done by the regular and on-time quality analysis of customer communications to monitor and regulate customer support quality. A top outsourcing call center in India or other countries will usually utilize multiple digital solutions to record customer interactions. These recordings are then analyzed to study agent performances and determine customer expectations, satisfaction levels, and experiences with the brand. Onshore contact center companies allow companies to have better oversight of customer support operations than offshore companies.

  • Cultural differences

The contact center agents in an offshore company are unlikely to have the same kind of familiarity with the cultural aspects of your customers as an onshore contact center company. And although modern offshore contact centers prepare their agents for such cultural differences, there will always be something missing. In addition, offshore call center companies can deliver services equivalent to a top BPO company in the United States. These agents are trained to acknowledge customers’ cultures and deliver customized and convenient solutions accordingly, ensuring quality customer services. This will also ensure that customers do not have to suffer inconvenient interactions with agents that have difficulty understanding them.

  • Infrastructure & technology

Digital transformation has become an integral part of modern customer service deliveries, enabling contact centers to significantly improve service offerings. The advancement of AI in the past decade has also added to the rising importance of technology in call centers. Today, a lot of contact center processes use artificial intelligence to automate functions and responses, delivering swifter responses to customers. In addition, AI integration and automation of processes help reduce the workload of contact centers, speeding up each function. This allows them to provide quick and convenient responses to your customers’ queries and complaints, resolving their issues almost instantly. Hence, it is important to identify the best outsourcing call center in India or other countries with the necessary infrastructure to deliver advanced customer support.

So, how do you choose between a BPO company in the United States or an offshore contact center company?

As a business, your customer support needs, objectives, budget, etc., are going to be different from your immediate competitors. Moreover, just because certain customer service practices have been successful for a competitor does not mean they will be effective for you as well. Hence, you must determine the specific requirements of your business and your customers before you opt for a BPO company. Your unique requirements will determine the type of call center services you need and the contact center company your should hire.

At the same time, you also need to consider your budget, as it will have a major impact on your choice of contact center company to hire. If you have a comparatively large budget to work with, hiring a BPO company in the United States is ideal. It will help you access premium customer support functions while also having complete oversight and control of call center operations. In addition, it will also help you deliver customer engagement using agents that share cultural aspects with your customers. On the other hand, you might want to consider an offshore BPO company in Asia, Africa, or the Middle East if you are working with a limited budget.

This will enable you to outsource your customer services to top BPO companies without having to spend a fortune. At the same time, it also helps you deliver superior CX and ensure maximum customer satisfaction with professional customer communications. Therefore, the first step is to determine your business’s customer support requirements and your expectations from the contact center company. Additionally, an offshore outsourcing call center in India also enables you to obtain a massive and diverse talent pool. Along with the ability to deliver omnichannel communications, they also provide multilingual customer support is greatly important to providing satisfactory customer experiences.


Therefore, you must consider a few important aspects to engage the ideal contact center for your customer support functions. These considerations will help you make a choice between an onshore BPO company in the United States and an offshore contact center company. It will also determine the quality of your customer service and determine the value of your investment in professional contact center solutions.

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