How do I apply for public universities in Germany?

Germany has many master’s programs that are taught in English to international students. Studying at German public universities is free of tuition fees. You have the opportunity to receive a world-class education at a reasonable price.

Study in German public universities

If you are able to understand the process, applying for German public universities should not be difficult. This article will provide all the information you need about applying to German universities.

Before we get into the details let me briefly explain the German education system. Any university can only have two intakes: summer and winter.

The winter semester starts from October to February and the summer semester starts from April to July. Each semester will end with a vacation lasting one month/2 month. winter vacation has only fewer days than summer. vacation

The deadline to apply for the winter semester is usually July 15, the same year. The deadline to apply for the summer semester is Jan 15. This means that you must prepare well in advance to apply to universities.

Let’s now break down the application process for universities into three steps.

  1. Finding the right university and course
  2. Preparing the documents to apply
  3. Send the documents to the university

Do not be overwhelmed by the steps. The process is easy. You will be guided through every step.


  • Find the right university and the right course. DAAD is your one-stop shop for university information. Go to the website of DAAD and use the search function to filter by term, field, etc. You will find the list of universities and courses. If you need more information, you can visit the university website. You will be able to shortlist 5 universities and courses relevant to your field of study if you have done enough research with daad. You will be able to gain a good idea of the universities.
  • Preparing the documents to apply Each university will have its own requirements. These documents are:
    1. Transcripts and degrees certificates
    2. You can use the IELTS/TOEFL scorecard to prove your English proficiency. You need a minimum score between 6.5 and 90.
    3. CV
    4. SOP (Statement of Purpose): This is your reason for choosing Germany and the course.
    5. If you have any work experience certificates in the field, please include them.
    6. Additional Documents:
      These documents include any additional documents an individual may add to show his competitivity or skills in the relevant field.
    7. Score on GRE/GMAT
    8. Recommendations letters from Professors/ Employers Depending on the university they ask for additional documents, this is a general list that you will need to apply.
  • Sending documents to the university you should send every document to the university after getting your approval to join that university.  Send your stuff straight to the university or uni-assist it. On the university’s website, you can verify this. The admissions committee will evaluate your application and submit a decision within 6 weeks. Some schools may want you to take an assessment test or do a skype interview as part of the application process. The university will determine what you select. immediately you will start the visa process after receiving application confirmation.

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