How Custom Cookie Boxes Can Bring Your Bakery In Spotlight?

Cookies have always been a symbol of love and attention on every occasion. As bakery owners, we know you put such undivided attention and love in your cookies. Hence, placing them in the open wouldn’t seem like justice to me. I advise preferring custom cookie boxes for cookies.

Anyhow, these were the primary reason to go for custom printed cookie boxes. Still, when you explore the far reaches of designs and prints in custom cookie boxes, you will realise what greater purpose they serve, with a minimum cost they didn’t even consider for a business like this. 

Here, in this article, we will discuss why cookies gift boxes are so important and how they can bring your bakery into the spotlight. 


When you first start to use cookie boxes, you will notice the plausible durability they have. They might shock you with a thin layer of Kraft paper and how it can fit and protect numerous cookies. When you start digging, you will find out that there are typically three types of materials used to make boxes, but only two of them are used for cookies.

The material that is used for a cookie box is Kraft and cardboard paper. It naturally comes brown, but if you are working with cookie boxes in the UK, you can get new and attractive prints, which only elevates cookies’ beauty. 

You will witness the actual durability and rigidness of these boxes. A lot of people use beautifully designed cookie boxes to store their accessories and other small ornaments. Moreover, these cookie boxes don’t fade away that easily. Usually, the printings on these boxes can last for years. 

Single cookie packaging

The Enchantment

As mentioned earlier, these boxes can provide ultimate protection to your cookies. However, over time these boxes will start to show numerous other benefits to your business. Custom cookies boxes can be the best thing that ever happened to your business. They will open a gate to numerous new customers who buy a product based on the outlooks and presentation. 

Even though your cookies are delicious as anything, no one could tell it until they taste one. And the only thing that will lure new clients from a distance is the enchantment of custom cookies boxes.

Create a Lasting Impression

We all have heard the famous phrase, “The first impression is the last impression.” And the first impression is always based on the looks and the presentation.

Designing unique packaging makes the box look different and beautiful. To acquire this, combine a couple of designs. You can add a handle from a gable box and lock system of folding packages, and you can get yourself a unique cookie box design that will make anyone fall in love with your cookies. This way, you will improve the carrying and storing of cookies and add a unique beautiful touch.

Cost Efficiency

When you first heard about custom boxes for your cookies, you might have thought that such boxes will cost you a fortune. However, they aren’t as expensive as they sound. If not much, they won’t cost higher than the standard cookie boxes. These boxes will save a lot of overhead if you decide to buy them in bulk quantity.

Despite their low cost, they bring much more value to the product inside. In short, you are missing a lot if you are selling your beautiful cookies without the custom packaging boxes that they deserve. 

Make your Brand People’s Favourite 

How to make your bakery liked by the audience is a question that every bakery owner ask about the first thing when they start their business. To make your cookies everyone’s favourite, you need to think from the buyer’s perspective.

Custom cookie boxes are available in sizes and structures. Before you start manufacturing the packaging’s final design, look for several designs to choose from and order the best cookie boxes. Think from the consumers’ perspective, and then you will know what they exactly need.

custom cookie-boxes UK

Brings Clarity

When people buy deserts, they believe that they are buying what they love.

Except for a packaging design that catches their attention, most people select between products that fit their requirements well.

However, most custom cookie boxes’ designs can make this choice difficult. Let’s take cereal packaging as an example. There are flavoured cereals, kid’s cereals, and cereals with oats– often on the same supermarket shelves.

The packaging typically remodels and helps consumers identify an adorable kid’s eating from a green bowl of cereal. So, what happens when low-fat cereal packaging is identical to sugary cereal packaging? 

Of course, the consumer will become confused and eventually get frustrated.

Whereas custom cereal boxes can help your clients identify which cereals have low fat and don’t.

Types Of Cookies Boxes

The packaging companies have a lot of options to offer. However, there were a few that we think will be perfect for your cookies. 

  • Window boxes: Window cut boxes can display the beauty of your cookies cakes very excellently. You can add transparent plastic sheet cookie boxes with a window so that your potential custom could admire the beauty of your delicious delights.
  • Pillow Boxes: You might have never seen anything as enchanting as pillow boxes. When you see these boxes fit in your cookies perfectly, as this is the place where they belonged, with their unique shape and design, they were a perfect match for cookies. 
  • Disposable Boxes: Disposable cookie boxes were the most common preferred boxes. They were more comfortable to carry and also the cheapest amongst all the others.

The Last Bite

If you are in a bakery business or just thinking of starting one, these cookie boxes can make their mark and help you market your brand. Making your customer feel exceptional is everything in this business, and cookie packaging boxes are the first step to this.

Find yourself a suitable packaging provider and start exploring the enchanting world of custom boxes and packaging that won’t even cost you your weekly electricity bill.

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