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How can we migrate the EML files to Outlook format?

Looking for a solution on how to move EML to Outlook? Then this forum is the perfect place to find all the possible strategies to move EML files to Outlook in PST file format. You can find a handmade strategy and another solution for converting EML files into Outlook PST file format. Know how to transfer EML messages to PST Outlook for free. EML and PST are both popular extensions and mail applications supported by EML & Outlook are used by thousands of users so it may be possible for users to have the requirement to move EML files to Outlook.

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The Manual way of Migration

There is a manual way to migrate the Windows Live Mail EML files to Outlook PST format. The manual procedure to migrate the EML files is provided below:

  1. At first, launch the MS Outlook tool and Windows Live Mail applications on your Operating System.
  2. Then open your Window Live Mail and then right-click on the “File” tab
  3. Now, from the export option select the Email messages.
  4. Choose the Microsoft Exchange as the export option and right-click on the “Next” button.
  5. A Pop up will display on your screen that all e-mails will be exported to Microsoft Outlook.
  6. Right-click on the “OK” button.
  7. From the select folders option, choose either you want to export all email folders or you want to select the particular folder that you want to export.
  8. Then, right-Click on the “OK” button.
  9. Now, finally right-click on the “Finish” button.

Users do face a lot of obligations while migrating the EML files to Outlook PST format. Let us have a look at the hurdles while migrating the EML files:

  • There are many errors faced by the users
  • Limitations are many
  • Bulk migration can take place
  • Desired saving is not possible
  • Corruption may occur
  • Safety and security are not provided by the tool

These are the cons that are faced by the users while migrating the EML files to PST format.

Migration using the tool

For migrating the EML files using this EML to PST Converter tool to follow an easy migration of the EML files to Outlook PST format is easy. Let us follow the steps of migrating:

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  • Launch the application
  • Browse the files that you want to export


  • Preview those selected files


  • 4. Choose the format in which format you want to export your EML files
  • 5. Choose the location to save your migrated EML file
  • 6. Finally, click on the “convert now” button.

Convert EML to PST

Some advanced features

Here are some features that are provided by the application for an easy migrating of the EML files.

  • No error: While following the migration task, the users are not faced with any kind of error. No data corruption is faced by the users while following the migration task. The integrity of the files is maintained as it is by the application. Chances of data loss are not faced by the users while processing the migration task. Safety and security are maintained as they are by the tool.
  • Independent tool: This EML to PST Migrator application is an independent tool that can be used by users. Users do not need to be dependent on any other tool for migrating the EML files.
  • Easy to handle: The tool is an easy-to-handle application. Users do not need any support for migrating the EML files. Users without any technical assistance can use this application. A user-friendly interface is provided by the tool.

These are the features that help an easy migration of the EML files.


With this EML to PST Migrator tool, easy and convenient migration of the EML files is done. Also, we have provided a free solution for the migration of the EML files. Users can choose a reliable way for carrying out the migration task.

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