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How can I Save Roundcube Emails to a PST Folder?

Are you a Roundcube user looking for a way to protect your emails? To get rid of all of your email security concerns, read this blog to save Roundcube emails to a PST.

What Exactly is Roundcube?

Roundcube is an open-source, web-based email client available through cPanel that can be used to send, receive, and store email messages just like any other email client. Horde and SquirrelMail are two alternative webmail interfaces that come with it. Other features of the email client include Calendar and Contacts, which are available in around 70 languages. It may be accessed from anywhere because it is a web-based email client application.

Why is it Necessary to keep a Backup of Roundcube Emails?

Roundcube emails, like those from other web-based email applications like Gmail, must be safeguarded. It’s possible to achieve this with a backup system that saves emails to a portable file format or to the cloud. This backup is necessary to recover data in instances such as when it is mistakenly or willfully erased, when the Roundcube program is unavailable or crashes, or when data is lost due to online hacking, phishing, harmful links, or switching email clients. This is also useful when the company has legal obligations and needs to keep track of emails for future reference.

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A Native Backup Method for Roundcube Emails

The default method for backing up Roundcube emails is a straightforward, free procedure that anyone may do. The whole native email backup technique is described in detail here.

  • Using the webmail interface, log in to your Roundcube web-based email service with your user name and password.
  • Click the More button on the top right of the Roundcube email interface and select the specific email you wish to backup. Then, from the drop-down list, select the Export option.
  • The selected email will begin to download, and once complete, it will be available in the EML file format in the system’s default Downloads folder.
  • Repeat the procedure for each email that has to be backed up in the EML file format.

Why is the Native Backup Method Ineffective?

The aforementioned native solution does not meet the needs of most users because it has a number of flaws or limitations, such as —

  • Unsuitable for Numerous Email Backups
  • The process takes a long time
  • Other than EML, which is difficult to maintain, it does not support any other file format.
  • The backup method has no flexibility.
  • Emails cannot back up to the cloud platform.
  • You must use the Roundcube email client application.
  • Roundcube emails should back up to a PST folder.

Many Roundcube users desire to export and save Roundcube emails to a PST or Office 365. Because each EML file contains a message, the Roundcube email client’s stored EML files are difficult to maintain and operate. It is preferable to convert EML files to a more sophisticated and manageable file format, such as Outlook PST.

But there’s no need to be concerned!

We understand our users’ needs and recommend the EML to PST Converter, a third-party utility that securely converts any number of EML files to the PST file format, MSG format… The sophisticated tool safeguards email integrity and backs up EML files from all email clients. It also allows users to preview email content before backing it up.

Let’s look at the automatic approach for backing up Roundcube emails to PST.

Final Thoughts

Businesses and individuals need email backup to protect content from external or internal risks that cause data loss or inaccessibility. Emails from Roundcube can encrypt natively, but only in EML format. That’s where the sophisticated EML to Outlook PST Converter tool comes in handy for backing up Roundcube emails to a PST and Office 365 in a timely and high-quality manner.

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